Are Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler Engaged?
Are Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler Engaged?

Are Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler Engaged?

Are Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler engaged? Fans of Little People, Big World were probably astonished and somewhat devastated when Matt and Amy Roloff revealed they were divorcing after spending more than 30 years together. At the same time, fans wanted them both to be happy, which was not the case if they stayed together.

Shortly after their divorce was finalized, Matt and Amy both went on to begin other relationships. However, admirers want to know if Are Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler engaged. The bride has arrived. Are Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler engaged? Has been a question among viewers of Little People, Big World. By continuing to read, see what the couple has to say about their upcoming nuptials.

When Did Caryn Chandler And Matt Roloff Begin Dating?

In 2016, Matt and Amy Roloff were divorced, and shortly after, he started dating Caryn. His new girlfriend worked as a long-time manager of Roloff Farms and was well-known to the Roloffs. In a confessional on LPBW at the start of their relationship in 2017, the author of Against All Odds said, “Caryn and I have developed a great friendship over the years.” “Her logic and my logic are quite consistent with each other.”

Are Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler Engaged?
Are Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler Engaged?

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“I think everyone has different people they click with at different times of their life,” Matt continued. Looking back on the 26 years that Amy and I have been married, I have no regrets. In some ways, we outgrew one another, and now my heart is open to Caryn. He stated that he and Caryn are “formally dating” and then discussed why she is a fantastic companion for him.

I had to think deeply about my goals in life and do a lot of introspection. I have fantastic company in Caryn, and we both like the same social situations. The reality star claimed that we love each other’s friendship, companionship, and company. Maybe we didn’t have that with Amy and me. It’s distinctive. I find her to be cute, and she’s an elegant girl who’s full of life.

Do Caryn Chandler And Matt Roloff Cohabit?

Matt disclosed that he and Caryn intended to buy a house in Arizona together in 2018. He clarified in 2019: “Roughly four months of the year, I’ll be down there.” “I still own the farm, and she still lives in her home in Oregon with her family. I get enough relief and rest from being in Arizona, which has significantly altered my outlook.

Are Matt Roloff And Caryn Chandler Engaged?

Fans of the TLC show have been speculating whether the couple intends to wed, but neither Matt nor Caryn has confirmed reports that they are engaged.

What Have Caryn Chandler And Matt Roloff Said Regarding The Rumors of An Engagement?


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A producer from LPBW asked the couple if they intended to get married soon on a 2021 episode of the show. Matt joked that they wouldn’t be hitched until at least 2022 to put an end to rumors. Caryn laughed, giving him a playful swat, “We’re not.” He didn’t ask me, I said.

When the two went on a romantic getaway to Cabo San Lucas in November 2021, many wondered if the couple had gotten hitched. Did you two elope? A fan inquired after Caryn posted pictures from the vacation on Instagram. “Haha, no, we didn’t,” the native Arizonan retorted with a quick smile.

When a fan advised Matt to sign a prenuptial agreement before he wed Caryn in July 2022, Matt addressed the subject of wedding rumors once more. The TV celebrity responded by saying his girlfriend has more money than him. Since she is worth three times as much as I am, the patriarch Roloff answered. “I’m hoping she’ll let me slip through.” You’ll be surprised by Caryn’s net worth, he added. I need her to make an effort to keep up.

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