Sydney Sweeney Fiance
Sydney Sweeney Fiance

Sydney Sweeney Fiance: When Did The Couple Get Engaged?

Sydney Sweeney Fiance: The breakout star of HBO’s Euphoria, Sydney Sweeney, is undoubtedly already well-known to you. You might not know, though, that despite all those sexy moments with Jacob Elordi, Cassie Howard has a boyfriend outside the camera. People report that Hollywood’s newest “it” lady is engaged! You might be wondering, who is Sydney Sweeney fiance? Please allow us to introduce Mr. Jonathan Davino to you formally.

Davino has been a part of Sweeney’s life for years; he was first spotted on her arm during an Emmys celebration in Los Angeles. The Washington native was spotted in Los Angeles on February 28, 2022, wearing a massive ring on a particular finger. People confirmed the engagement news in early March. However, it’s unclear how the couple first met or when they fell in love. Here is what we currently know about the next bride of The White Lotus actress.

Where Did He Live?

This is tagging. Not only has his family had ties to the area for more than a century, but if you spend more than 0.5 seconds poking around online, you’ll discover that Jonathan Davino is allegedly a resident of Chicago. His restaurants are all located there as well.

Sydney Sweeney Fiance
Sydney Sweeney Fiance

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But in a December 2019 interview with Elite Daily, Sydney very subtly revealed where her boyfriend lived. She named Chicago one of the two areas she could see herself settling down in when asked which areas of Hollywood she’d like to live in.

She stated in the interview, “I have a place [in Chicago].” It serves as my retreat. Sydney also included a whole house when she said “place.” Yep! Then, when questioned about who she knows in the Windy City, Sydney smirked and said, “A friend.” Oop!

When Did The Couple Get Engaged?

People officially announced Sydney Sweeney and Jonathan’s engagement on Wednesday, March 2, 2022. When Sydney was spotted in Los Angeles sporting a massive diamond on her ring finger, rumors of their engagement began circulating on Monday, February 28. Fans voiced their opinions on social media despite the actress’s silence regarding the ring and her engagement.

When Were The Two Seen Together For The First Time?

At an InStyle and Kate Spade dinner in Los Angeles on October 23, 2018, Sydney and Jonathan were first captured together. However, except for paparazzi pictures of them on vacation and conducting errands, there haven’t been any pictures of the couple since because Sydney likes to keep her love life a secret. 

In her February 2022 Cosmopolitan cover interview, Sydney stated, “I don’t date individuals in the spotlight. I don’t date artists, actors, or anyone in the entertainment industry because I can be regular Syd that way, and it’s the simplest.

Are Sydney Sweeney And Brad Pitt Rumored To Be Dating?

She was said to be dating Brad Pitt in 2019, 34 years her senior. According to the paparazzi, the two allegedly spent much time together on set. She “certainly left an effect on him during their time together shooting the movie,” an insider said to Radar Online. 

“He’s been sweet on her ever since.” However, the allegations were never proven, and since Sydney was already committed to Jonathan, it was obvious that the reports about her and Brad Pitt were rumors. If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit

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