In 2023, Jeff Bezos Girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, Intends To Travel To Space With An All-female Crew!

Lauren Sanchez, Jeff Bezos girlfriend, anticipates that she will travel to space in the upcoming year.

Sánchez, 52, revealed her ambitions to launch into orbit at some time in 2023 in an interview with CNN on Saturday. She will do so to follow in the boots of her 58-year-old partner, who made his first trip to space in July 2021.

However, Lauren Sanchez and Jeff Bezos, who made their romance public in 2019, won’t take off together. The Emmy Award-winning journalist hopes to work with a female crew instead.

She told CNN, “It’ll be a terrific group of females.” Blue Origin, the aerospace corporation owned by Jeff Bezos, has already launched famous people into space, including Michael Strahan and William Shatner.

In July of last year, Bezos completed a 10-minute ride aboard the New Shepard rocket. He landed in Texas and was received by Sánchez, who warmly welcomed him back to Earth.

Also on Saturday, Bezos disclosed that he intends to donate a large portion of his $124 billion fortune, with a primary focus on tackling climate change and assisting individuals who can bridge social and political divides.

The founder of Amazon told the news organization that he is now “developing the ability to be able to give away this money.” Still, he said the challenging part is coming up with a “leveraged approach” to use his fortune.

It’s difficult, the millionaire said. “Amazon was not simple to build. It takes a lot of hard work, clever, dedicated partners, and I’m discovering — and I believe Lauren is too — that charity and philanthropy are quite similar.”

Jeff Bezos Girlfriend
Jeff Bezos Girlfriend

Image source: nypost

A source previously told PEOPLE that the couple’s shared dedication to giving to deserving charities is a “focus and shining spot” in their relationship.

The source stated in June 2021 that “Jeff and Lauren are both highly excited by the job they are doing in philanthropy.” You can hear their joy when they meet with partners on the climate, education, and homelessness work.

When Jeff Bezos initially revealed his intention to donate his fortune, he told CNN, “There are a variety of ways that I think you might do ineffective things, too.” Therefore, careful consideration is required, as well as the presence of outstanding team members.

Sanchez and Bezos both have kids from prior relationships. While Sánchez has a son with former NFL player Tony Gonzalez and agent Patrick Whitesell, Bezos has three sons and a daughter with his ex-wife MacKenzie Scott.

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