How Did Jenny and Sumit First Meet? Are They Married?

Jenny And Sumit: Are Jenny Slatten and Sumit Singh, the stars of 90 Day Fiance, still a couple? When Jenny discovered Sumit’s great secret—that he was married to another woman in an arranged marriage planned by his parents, but he wanted to be with Jenny—the couple brought tremendous drama to season one of The Other Way and delivered one of the most unexpected twists in franchise history. The International Flames were committed to standing out for their love and right to be together despite all of the barriers that stood in their way when they returned for season 2.

In season three, their romance came to a standstill because Sumit was hesitant to wed Jenny. The marriage difficulties had only begun, even though the couple had finally walked down the aisle in a private ceremony. Since graduating, the couple has continued to chronicle their turbulent romance on the spinoff, Happily Ever After? We can discover what we know about Jenny and Sumit’s current relationship status by reading on.

How Did Jenny and Sumit First Meet?

When Sumit catfished Jenny with pictures of a different man named “Michael Jones” after four months of talking online, their relationship got off to a rocky start. Still, Jenny was already in love with him and was willing to look past the catfishing.

Jenny And Sumit
Jenny And Sumit

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Sumit and Jenny first met online ten years ago in 2011, but their relationship got off to a bad start. Jenny spent four months in India in 2013, visiting Sumit and his family while they were preparing to wed. On the other hand, Sumit’s family disapproved of their connection.

Are Jenny And Sumit Married?

In 2021, Jenny and Sumit tied the knot after over ten years of dating. The private wedding of the TLC couple was depicted on a November 2021 episode of The Other Way. Jenny and Sumit decided to wait until after their wedding to tell his parents about their marriage decision.

Are Jenny And Sumit Still A Couple?

Jenny and Sumit have graduated to continue on the spinoff, Happily Ever After? after being married. The couple eventually made it down the aisle, but their journey is only getting started.

Even though Sumit’s parents now know about the marriage, they choose not to approve it. As the couple realizes “their dreams for married life may not be compatible,” the couple’s 33-year age gap will also come into play in addition to the usual difficulties with Sumit’s relatives, according to TLC.

Will Jenny And Sumit Relocate To America?

Jenny and Sumit disagreed over where they should live during the October 30 episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Jenny stated that she wanted to return to the United States, but Sumit acknowledged that he was not enthusiastic about the notion. Sumit admitted in a confessional that he wanted to “earn more money so we can have a good life here in India and forget about moving to America” as the two argued about the long hours he was working.



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In a confessional, Jenny admitted that she is lonely in India and added, “Honestly, if this is the way Sumit wants our lives to be, I’d rather be back home in America with my friends and family, where I feel at ease. I would experience less helplessness. She continued, “If we return to America, I won’t feel so lonely.” I’m tired of compromising, so perhaps Sumit could make some concessions.

In a later scene of the show, Sumit tells his friend Rohit that he cannot leave India for the United States and leave his parents behind. I cannot think about it, he added. I will never be able to go to America and live a happy life without worrying about my parents. Sumit said, “I don’t want to travel to America.” I am aware of what my life is like now. Here, we enjoy a higher standard of living. The most crucial aspect is that I fear I will permanently lose my family if I move to America. My buddies will leave me. A life I intended to save will be lost.

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