The Rock Turtleneck And Chain Combination Isn’t Such A Fashion Mistake, Says Chanel!

The Rock Turtleneck: Once upon a time, The Rock (real name Dwayne Johnson) simultaneously attained three despicable trends: The buff actor is seen in a 1990s shot that was later made into a meme sporting a fanny pack, a heavy gold chain, and a chestnut turtleneck. ( The icing on the cake? Johnson placed a tissue beneath his clumsily balanced arm to shield his clothing from dirt. ( He later admitted to People magazine in 2016, “I’ve had a tissue underneath my elbow because I felt like my turtleneck was pricey.”

Many people may have believed that the terrible The Rock turtleneck and chain ensemble—a look popular with Slavic thugs and chilly grandma alike—would only have survived online as a joke and never be replicated, but they were mistaken. This past weekend, The Rock recreated the animated image for Saturday Night Live to promote his new part in the Baywatch movie, adding his recognizable eyebrow lift.


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The Rock turtleneck may have had a point, even though the outfit is still just as embarrassing as it was the first time. Specifically, at Chanel, where it has been a house signature for years, the turtleneck and chain trend has previously made an appearance on the runway. Look back to the Fall of 2003, when Pat Cleveland strutted down the catwalk while wearing a nubby turtleneck over a neck full of jewelry. And a year later, Liya Kebede made a big impression by leaving the house wearing a layer of waist-skimming chains over a cobalt blue turtleneck.

Ashleigh Good most recently wore layers of pearl necklaces over a marled rosewood sweater in the fall of 2015. If you want to try the lookout in person, go ahead, but keep in mind that a textured turtleneck looks the best in specific settings. And if you genuinely want to boost The Rock’s appearance? Include a Chanel fanny pack if you like. What is The Rock cooking? Do you smell? Chanel most certainly has.

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