Who Is Pierce Brosnan Wife? Know About Keely Shaye Brosnan!

Pierce Brosnan Wife: While Pierce Brosnan is best known for his roles in blockbuster movies, he is also a dedicated father and husband who wed Keely Shaye Smith in 2001 after initially meeting her in 1994.

Pierce is unwavering in his support of Keely in both public and private. He routinely posts homage to her on social media. The pair has two sons. What is known about the woman who captured the attention of the Irish movie star?

To start with, Keely started her career as an actress and model who appeared in TV and movies. Later, as a television correspondent, she advocated for environmental causes and animal rights. With the 2016 film Poisoning Paradise, Keely made her directorial debut.

The movie exposed harmful environmental practices in Kauai, Hawaii, where the couple resides. For more information on Keely Shaye Brosnan, the wife of actor Pierce Brosnan, continue reading. Pierce Brosnan Wife

She Started As An Actress Before Becoming A Journalist And Filmmaker

Keely made her screen debut as the lead actress in the Huey Lewis and the News music video for “Stuck with You” in 1986. She later had a few brief TV and movie parts in the 1980s. Pierce Brosnan Wife

She later switched to journalism and began filming documentaries to raise awareness of animal rights and environmental injustice. Her work has included anything from defending healthy ecological practices in Mexico and Hawaii to defending marine life in the oceans. (Keely was born and raised in Oahu; the pair currently splits their time between Kauai and Malibu, California.)

Pierce Brosnan Wife
Pierce Brosnan Wife Pierce Brosnan Wife

Keely has written about and offered her time to support groups trying to protect wetlands and marine mammals, oppose nuclear weapons, promote clean air and water, preserve endangered species, and promote environmental education in schools.

She has received recognition from several organizations for her work, and Pierce shares her dedication to defending the environment and endangered animal species. Both use Instagram to discuss important topics, such as social justice and the environment.

She Has Served As An Entertainment Correspondent

Before focusing on environmental issues, Keely worked as an entertainment correspondent for Entertainment Tonight and Today, interviewing famous people, including Michael Jordan, Cameron Diaz, Madonna, and Oprah Winfrey. In reality, when on assignment to interview Ted Danson in Mexico in 1994, she initially met her husband at a party there.

She worked as a correspondent for Good Morning America and Unsolved Mysteries earlier.

She Was Immediately Smitten With Pierce — And He With Her

Keely, who spoke to PEOPLE in 2001, found Pierce attractive when they first met in Mexico. “He was “tall, dark, and gorgeous — everything that everyone would instantly be attracted to,” the author continued. His eyes had this sly twinkle in them. Wow, I thought to myself.”

She said, “About her renowned spouse, “He is handsome, so I can see why ladies find him alluring. He greatly enjoys and values ladies. He is educated and alluring, and his true beauty comes from the inside out. And he’s aging beautifully, much like a fine wine.”

Pierce expressed similar admiration for his partner, telling PEOPLE, “Keely Shaye is a great woman I have met. I wouldn’t be able to locate one as good even after searching endlessly.” Pierce Brosnan Wife

She’s A Gardener And Horticulturist

She spoke about her expertise in plants and veggies when she appeared on ABC’s Home Show, which led to a regular job. A how-to series for home gardeners called Home Green Home was created and broadcast by her for PBS. She also worked as a gardening correspondent for Good Morning America.

Several honors, including two Genesis Awards and a Special Achievement Award at the Environmental Film Festival, were given in recognition of her work on ABC’s Home Show.

She Briefly Modeled

Keely was a young model, but her career in the industry was brief. She explained this in a 1995 interview with the Chicago Tribune. She said I left modeling and worked as an actor for a year after realizing I was spreading a beauty myth.

She has nonetheless appeared on the covers of essential publications as one half of a famous couple, including a Redbook cover shared with her ex-boyfriend Pierce, in which she is seen nursing the pair’s young son, Dylan.

Also, in 2006, she was featured in Vogue’s form issue and said with the publication, “I’m not afraid to show off my curves. I never wear loose garments to hide.” Pierce told the magazine that he loved his wife’s curves and felt she was “beautiful.” Pierce Brosnan Wife

She Has Supported Pierce Through Tough Times In His Life

Cassandra Smith, an Australian actress who passed away from ovarian cancer in 1991, and Pierce previously were married. Charlotte Pierce, who passed away in 2013 from the same illness as her mother, is survived by her brothers, Sean and Christopher.

The actor referred to Keely as his “North Star” in an Instagram post from 2013 and expressed the same views to Irish Central in the same year. “Keely has always been kind and kind, and she encouraged me to grieve over Cassie. Keely is my North Star because she always watches out for me.”

She’s A Mom Of Two

Dylan and Paris, the couple’s boys, are modeling, acting, and environmental activists like their parents, Keely and Pierce. In 2019, Paris told PEOPLE, “Our mom is fantastic.” “Whether Heal the Bay, Save the Whales, or getting our dad engaged in activities, our mother has always been actively involved in everything she does. She has always been the family’s primary benefactor.”

As part of a portfolio of well-known sons, Dylan and Paris were highlighted in PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive issue in November 2022. Dylan said, “We have the best parents anyone could ask for,” as the brothers gushed about them.

She And Pierce Had A Memorable First Date

Although they travel much for their jobs, the Brosnan family has always seemed easy back. In 2001, Keely revealed to PEOPLE that they had their first date just a few days after they met “He held my hand as we sat down beneath the stars. Overhead, fireworks were being set off while Kenny Loggins was singing. Up till three in the morning, we spoke.”

In 2017, Pierce spoke candidly about their time together, stating, “We took a little road trip up to Santa Barbara for a romantic weekend, to look at homes, and to enjoy some fine wine. Instead of listening to music, we sorted the world out while hearing each other’s words.”

The Remington Steele actor continued, “My dream day off is. “It was a day ago. I painted in my studio, walked to the beach, read, and did some drawing before meeting Keely for lunch.” Pierce Brosnan Wife

Pierce continued after picking up his then-teenage son Paris from school in the afternoon: “I stepped outside at around 5:00 p.m. to observe the sun setting. Keely sat next to me as we discussed the day over a bottle of champagne. It’s the greatest and very straightforward.”

She’s A Newly Minted Executive Producer

Keely used her skills as a producer to work on the 2022 documentary Women of the White Buffalo, which details the experiences of Native American women who lived in South Dakota under colonialism.

She Says The Secret To Their Happy Marriage Is “Being Best Friends”

Pierce and Keely have been wed for over 20 years. She was only complimentary about her hubby when speaking with PEOPLE.

According to Keely, he has a big heart and is generous, loving, and compassionate.

The couple also discussed how to maintain a joyful and healthy marriage. Pierce Brosnan Wife

“Solving issues day in and day out, year in and year out, like each other, getting along,” Brosnan remarked.

To which Keely responded, “Being best buddies.” Pierce Brosnan Wife

Pierce Finds Ways To Honor Her In His Work

Pierce wore his real wedding band and a watch that Keely gave him in his movie Black Adam.

“I chose to wear it for this persona. It seemed proper, “According to him, Entertainment Tonight. “The man has traveled through all of human history. He is among the DC comic book industry’s most potent sorcerers. I’ve heard he had a wife named Enza, stronger than him.”

I adore those symbols, [and] I love that he took those with him into the superpower, superhero domain, said Keely, who was very moved by the gesture. Please forward this to your friends if you find it interesting. Newswatchlist.com is the best place to find the latest and updated information about your favorite celebs.

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