Milica Krstić
Milica Krstić

Who Is Milica Krstic? What Is Happening In Her Personal Life?

Milica Krstić: Being the spouse of a celebrity automatically draws attention from the general population. Milica was no different. After she wed NBA player Boban Marjanovic, the Serbian beauty Krstic gained notoriety.

She prefers to keep her private affairs confidential, making obtaining information challenging. The Serbian, on the other hand, enjoys both her husband’s companionship and renown. Fans undoubtedly want to know Boban’s wife’s identity and profession. Milica Krstić

Who Is Milica Krstic?

Milica Marjanovic, Boban Marjanovic’s wife, is a native of a Serbian city. Krstic, a Serbian by birth, gained notoriety in public due to her marriage to a famous sports figure. Due to her reserved personality, nothing is known about her early years. As a result, disgruntled fans walk away from interested ones. Readers, please don’t interpret this differently, but not many people can handle celebrities.

Furthermore, Krstic’s birthdate has not been made public, making it impossible to estimate her age. Milica, though, shared a few images on Instagram of her family, including her brother and parents. Her mother’s name is unknown, and her father is Zoran Krstic.

Milica Krstić
Milica Krstić Milica Krstić

On the other hand, the Serbian typically shares photos of herself with her acquaintances, but primarily with her husband Boban and their two kids. The two couples appear to be madly in love with one another. Everyone would adore living such a life.

Love knows no bounds, just as Boban’s astounding 2.2m demonstrates. Krstic works out intensely, as evidenced by her Instagram postings, even though her chest, waist, and hip dimensions are unknown. Milica enjoys exercising, and she has a robust frame and attractive curves.

What Is Happening In Milica Krstić’s Personal Life?

Despite becoming well-known after her marriage, nothing is known about Milica’s life before that. Krstic does appear to be a role model. Her web presence strongly suggests this. At a party is where Boban and Milica first met.

They connected right away, and they dated for six years after that. In addition, although there were no indications of a forthcoming union, Boban and Milica wed in 2014. Nevertheless, the pair planned two wedding ceremonies: one in Mexico and one in Belgrade, Serbia.

Vuk and Pera, two lovely children, were born due to the marriage. Boban undoubtedly serves as an example for the children. Milica’s parents, who are delighted grandparents, adore the children. On occasion, Dad Krstic publishes a photo of their time together on Instagram.

Milica and Boban, the happy parents, are immensely proud of their kids. According to specific sources, the children deeply admire their father’s job and are destined to carry on in it. Is it accurate? We don’t know because it’s just conjecture.

Career: Who is Milica Krstic? Husband of Milica Krstic

There isn’t much to say about Krstic’s career. Her occupation is unknown to Serbian or any other media outlets. Her social media activity also strongly suggests that she is a model.

First, Milica’s attire, physique, and intense gym routine point to her preparedness for the photo session. The Serbian may offer to participate in photo sessions because she is the wife of a well-known player.

The 7-footer first signed with CSKA Moscow, then relocated to the United States to play with the Detroit Pistons and San Antonio. Marjanovic now plays for the Dallas Mavericks. Boban primarily functions as a center. The Serbian behemoth won gold at the FIBA U-19 World Cup and U-20 Championship throughout his career. Boban participated in the 2017 EuroBasket on behalf of the Serbian national team.

How Rich Is Milica Krstic?

Milica’s occupation and, in a similar vein, her wealthiest source is also unknown. Despite this, her spouse makes a good living and has a net worth of about $20 million. His NBA career of Boban is the sole source of his wealth. The Dallas Center also benefits financially from sponsorships and endorsement partnerships.


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Marjanovic earns $7 million annually with the Dallas Mavericks. He also received a $3.5 million signing bonus from the Mavericks. The Serbian uses money wisely as a result. He has many vehicles, including a Jeep Wrangler. Above all, Boban and Milica spend their vacations visiting far-off places. Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website,, for the most recent news.

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