Bess Katramados
Bess Katramados

Who Is Bess Katramados? What Does She Do For A Living?

Bess Katramados: The famous phrase from Mao Zedong, “Women hold up half the sky,” is from. Being the devoted wife of WWE Superstar The Big Show, Bess Katramados, in this case, proves the adage to be true both literally and figuratively.

A woman is an actual work of art in God’s creation, formed over time and with great care. Big Show holds the same opinion because his wife is a blessing in his odd but modest life.

As you already guessed, we will brag about the stunning Bess Katramados and her extraordinary life with her well-known husband. Before we start our conversation, let’s first look at some facts.

Who Is Bess Katramados?

Bess Katramados was born in an unincorporated Illinois community on July 13, 1973, and she observes her birthday on that day (U.S.). The Illinois inhabitant also belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group because they are Americans by nationality.

Even though she is the wife of a well-known wrestler, nobody knows anything about her early years. Furthermore, Bess’s family and academic background cannot be verified by any pertinent social media accounts or other sources.

What Is Bess Katramados’ Age And Height?

Moving on, the age of the beautiful Katramados is something we do know. Being a wrestler’s wife hasn’t taken a toll on Bess, who is currently 44 years old and doesn’t look a day older than her early thirties.

Bess Katramados
Bess Katramados Bess Katramados

Additionally, horoscopes indicate that the American is a Cancer, and her personality fits the characteristics of the stated sign quite well. The charming Bess, on the other hand, has a gorgeous body that shows off her previous modeling experience.

Yes, you are correct. Katramados, who is 5’8″ tall, did work as a model (1.72 m). As a result, The Big Show is fortunate to have her as his wife. Her height, those stunning blue eyes, and personality make her any man’s fantasy.

Bess Katramados | Career: A Former Model

By looking at her, many could infer this, and many others would be surprised to learn that Bess was a model long before she met The Big Show. Her modeling career mainly flourished while she was still a resident of Illinois. Although not well-known, Katramados worked for numerous modeling companies and agencies.

In addition, Bess had the chance to visit many exotic places while working as a model, including Florida, St. Petersburg, Odessa, Miami, etc. Sadly, we cannot determine the precise length of her profession due to the absence of supporting evidence and the scarcity of reliable sources. But given that The Big Show undoubtedly took notice of Katramados’ attendance, we might conclude it was successful.

How Rich Is Bess Katramados?

Being an aspiring model in the late 1980s and early 1990s was still a dim but not dull time. Additionally, the journal sold a tremendous amount of copies at excellent prices.

Even though the precise cause may have historical relevance, having a lovely woman’s face started to be attractive. We do not, however, want to imply that by stating that, women are being objectified.

Bess’s net worth is unknown, despite the information about her earning a sizable sum of money while she was active. On the other hand, the Big Show has a startling net worth of $20 million.

This is unsurprising, though, considering he is one of the WWE’s faces, and children born in the 1990s have grown up emulating the big man himself. Additionally, for an astounding $3.7 million, the couple bought a sizable mansion in Miami with a pool and a boat dock.

Who Is Bess Katramados’s Husband?

Bess Katramados and Paul Donald Wight II, often known as The Big Show, wed on February 11, 2002, which turned out to be a fateful day. The couple is now happily married. Similarly to that, the ceremony was attended by relatives and friends.

Mrs. Big Show doesn’t hesitate to express her love for her husband in front of others, even though she is not active on social media. The happy couple’s role as proud parents of a son and a daughter further strengthened their marriage.

Bess also has a stepdaughter, Cierra Wight, who is Paul’s child from a previous union with Melissa Ann Pavis. Additionally, the relationship between Cierra and the Katramados is unknown; we hope all is well with the stepfamily.

What Does Bess Katramados Do For A Living?

She gave up modeling after getting married and became a stay-at-home parent. She became well-known after getting married to the biggest sportsman in the world. She frequently goes on live promotional tours with her husband.

Regarding Bess Katramados’s net worth, nothing is known. The Big Show’s net worth is approximately $20 million, though. Keep yourself updated with all the latest news from our website and get all the recent updates.

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