Canelo Kids
Canelo Kids

Canelo Kids: How Many Children Does He Have?

Canelo Kids: Santos Canelo lvarez, also known as Saul lvarez Barragan, is a Mexican professional boxer. Alvarez began training at the age of 13 and became a professional boxer at the tender age of 15. He fought Abraham Gonzalez in his very first professional match. Alvarez won by technical knockout in the fourth round, giving the fight world a taste of what he could do.

The current Unified WBA (super) champion has won numerous championships in various weight classes. Having a record of 55-1-2 during his career, Alvarez is regarded as one of boxing’s GOATs. The Mexican man, with a net worth of $140 million, has been called one of the biggest draws. Canelo Kids

By agreeing to a five-year, $365 million bout deal with boxing icon Oscar De La Hoya’s organization and DAZN in 2018, he established the presumption mentioned above. The deal was described as one of the most profitable by media outlets. In an interview with BBC Sports, Lvarez discussed the agreement in the following ways: Canelo Kids

“Being part of this historic deal will require me to prepare myself even more and offer fans even better performances,”

“At the same time, I am humbled to be selected to lead this new vision for the sport of boxing, which will without a doubt be for the benefit of the fans.”

However, after filing a lawsuit, Alvarez was freed from his contract due to an alleged violation of the agreement by DAZN and Golden boy marketing. On May 8, 2021, Alvarez was scheduled to face Billy Joe Saunders.

How Many Children Does Canelo Álvarez Have?

Four children were born to Canelo Alvarez. He has three daughters, Emily, Mia, and Maria, and a son named Saul. Alvarez has the following to say when asked about the potential harm his wealthy life would have on his kids:

Canelo Kids
Canelo Kids Canelo Kids

“My kids will be the ones that keep me grounded. I always think about them before I make any decisions.

“I know the repercussions and the impact that it will have in their life so they are the ones I always think of first.”

“Yes, they are allowed to watch me fight live. This is what their dad does and they have to watch and support it.”

“They really admire what I do so ys, they do watch live.” said Álvarez

How Many Baby Mothers Does Canelo Have?

Four of Canelo Alvarez’s offspring were born to four separate mothers. His first kid, Emily, was born in 2007 to Karen Beltran, his childhood sweetheart. Although the couple split up soon after Emily was born, Lvarez still keeps in touch with Emily. Mia Ener, his second kid, was conceived by him and model Valeria Quiroz. Canelo Kids

Afterward, Alvarez and his business partner Nadia Sepulveda had a kid. Before having a son named Saul Adiel Alvarez, the couple reportedly dated for a year. Alvarez first met Fernanda Gomez, his wife-to-be, in 2013. They have been dating since they both attended a charity event in 2017 together. Maria Fernanda Lvarez, their first child, was born in 2018.

Who is Fernanda Gomez?

After the first meeting in 2016, Alvarez and Gomez are alleged to have been dating for a while. Gomez, 25, is well-known in Mexico and has an impressive 970k followers on Instagram. After Alvarez’s fight with Plant this weekend, it’s possible that she will reach a million followers. Canelo Kids


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Alvarez was born in Guadalajara, Mexico, where Gomez owns a quaint nail business. She is a model as well as a social media influencer. The couple got hitched after Alvarez’s victory over Billy Joe Saunders earlier this year. Follow for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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