Al Reynolds
Al Reynolds

When Did Al Reynolds Announce That He Was Bisexual?

Al Reynolds will have a $5 million net worth In 2022. Al Reynolds is an investment banker. Al Reynolds, an investment banker, gained notoriety when he started dating Star Jones, the co-host of “The View.” When he proposed to her at the 2004 NBA All-Star Game, their public romance resulted in an engagement that received equal attention.

In a well-publicized wedding, the two exchanged vows in front of over 500 guests, a wedding party of 50, and over 30 business sponsors who gave the couple presents and apparel in exchange for the “free” publicity the wedding would bring them. Four years later, the two separated. Since then, Mr. Al Reynolds has earned a professorship.

He has recently made headlines again because he is suing Ms. Jones for violating the terms of their divorce settlement. The couple made a pact not to “badmouth” one another in the media, but Ms. Jones recently made negative comments about their previous union while participating in a talk show. Mr. Reynolds is currently requesting damages of $50,000.

Where Was Al Reynolds Born?

Al Scales Reynolds was born in June 1968 in Horsepasture, Virginia, in the United States; however, the media has never reported his exact birthdate. Even though he is a businessman and investment banker, he is perhaps most known for being the ex-wife of Star Jones on television.

Additionally, he teaches at Florida Memorial University. After graduating from high school, Al Reynolds enrolled in the University of Virginia but spent his formative years there. Later, he moved to attend the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

How Did Al Reynolds Start His Career?

Al Reynolds
Al Reynolds

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Speaking of his professional background, Al is a well-known businessman and investment banker who spent more than ten years working on Wall Street, significantly increasing his net worth.

He assumed the role of President of Champion Advisors LLC in 2005, and since 2015, he has served as the Executive Vice President of Sirius XM Radio Inc. According to sources, he currently holds a position as a professor at Florida Memorial University.

How Did Al Reynolds Rise To Fame?

When Al Reynolds started dating Star Jones, a well-known television host and co-star of the program “The View,” he rapidly rose to fame. They were married in November of the same year he proposed to her during the NBA All-Star Game. Following that, they made additional TV appearances together, including “E! True Hollywood Story” (2007–2008) and “Entertainment Tonight” (2008).

Unfortunately, the pair filed for divorce in September 2008, and the following year he made an appearance on the TV program “Life After,” which, as its name implies, covers the lives of famous people who have split up with their partners. His fortune also grew as a result of all these appearances.

Al Reynolds is currently single after his somewhat famous divorce from Star Jones. He is rumored to be seeing Nicole Hutchison, but for the time being splits his time between his homes in Miami and New York City. In his free time, he is active on his official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

When Did Al Reynolds Announce That He Was Bisexual?

Months before Jones wed Ricardo Lugo, Reynolds became bisexual in 2017. Reynolds told Radar Online his account in an exclusive. “People have been guessing about my sexuality ever since I became well-known. And to describe how things transpired, we’d use the word “speculating.” 


People have been exposing me as gay, closeted, a fraud, and even nastier, much nastier, with rage and contempt,” Reynolds said. Reynolds claims that his choice to come out was made to encourage others to live authentically and to pursue happiness. I now accept my identity as a bisexual man. It has become clear to me that, at least for myself, sexual orientation is not binary. I have shown that I can love both sexes,” he continued. 

All of my relationships have been sincere and founded on my attraction to the other party. I don’t hesitate or change my mind while I’m in love. Reynolds cited his background in religion as the reason he kept his sexuality a secret. He experienced directly how the church opposed anything other than heterosexuality as a devoted Baptist growing up in the South.

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