John Daly Son
John Daly Son

Who Is John Daly Son? When Did He Start His Golfing Career?

John Daly Son: Professional golfer John Daly is a member of the PGA Tour. He has won two major titles and is widely recognized as one of the best players in the league. The American golfer won both the Open Championship in 1995 and the PGA Championship in 1991. As a professional, he has a total of 17 victories to his name, and he has reached a career-high 23rd in the rankings.

Daly is well-known for his golfing abilities and as a staunch Trump supporter. Remember when he was arrested for drunkenly wandering about outside a Hooters restaurant? That’s where that infamous mugshot was taken. Likewise, now we can see people searching for John Daly Son.

The golfer’s decision to give up alcohol after the incident was brilliant from a health and professional standpoint. Furthermore, he admitted that his upbringing partly caused his toxic relationship with alcohol by an alcoholic and abusive father.

In a similar vein, he had severe problems with gambling. The footballer lost nearly $60 million over a 15-year period, which he detailed in his autobiography. We’re here, though, to talk about John Daly’s son, golfer John Patrick Daly II. He follows in his father’s footsteps by playing golf for the Razorbacks in college.

It’s easy to see why his dad was proud of his kid’s decision to join the team. As John II is commonly called, Little John has earned a name for himself as a golfer of outstanding talent. Likewise, now we can see people searching for John Daly Son.

Who Is John Daly Son’s John Patrick Daly II?

A son, John Patrick Daly II, was born to PGA star John Daly and his fourth wife, Sherrie Miller, in the United States. He has two older half-sisters from his father’s side, making him the youngest of the Watson children. Sierra and Shynna Daly are their sisters. Life for the half-siblings has been relatively typical, and they were raised in a warm and nurturing family.

John Daly Son
John Daly Son

However, they are affected by their father’s public pronouncements, scandals, and career highs and lows. Even more shocking, when golfer John Daly’s son was little, his mother stabbed him with a steak knife while his dad was on tour.

When I saw him in the afternoon, he had wounds and scratches all over his face from the fight they had earlier in the day at a restaurant where they had been dining as a former husband and wife. Likewise, now we can see people searching for John Daly Son.

Failed Marriages and Engagements

The outspoken Trump fan is now engaged to his fifth wife after previously being married four times. Dale Crafton, a hand model, was his first wife. She was a local of Arkansas, and Daly met her when he was a student at the University of Arkansas playing golf. In 1987, when John was just 21 years old, he tied the knot with Dale.

Soon after, she convinced the PGA golfer to relocate to Blytheville, her hometown in Arkansas. At first, Daly had a rough time adjusting to life in a tiny town. In addition, he was still fighting an uphill battle to join the Professional Golfers’ Association. Therefore, the couple separated after two years of fighting.

Also, he was already beginning to acquire a drinking and gambling problem. The golfer met his second wife, Bettye Fulford, two months after his first divorce was finalized. Things were rocky initially, and John ultimately found out that Bettye had lied to him.

She was a decade older than he was and the mother of a kid who was then 13. The couple went their separate ways after hearing the devastating reality. They confronted their issues, reconciled, and ultimately tied the knot. Likewise, now we can see people searching for John Daly Son.

Their first child, Shynah Hale Daly, was born to Bettye. The couple’s marriage ended shortly after she was born. The New York Times reported in 1992 that the golfer had been charged with third-degree assault for throwing his wife against a wall.

After that, Daly reported the incident to the police, but by the time they got to his residence, Miller and John II were already gone. The ex-wife was arrested on federal narcotics charges and eventually pled guilty, spending five months in jail.

John Daly Son | Age, Height, and Weight

The November 2022 birthday of John Daly II makes him 19 years old. After hearing that his father has cancer, he has become extraordinarily health-conscious and is in perfect shape for his age. He also has a height of 5 feet 9 inches. His exact weight, however, is currently unknown.

When Did John Daly Patrick II Start His Golfing Career?

As his famous father did before him, John II is making waves in the golf world for his remarkable abilities. He undoubtedly learned some of these abilities from his father and then tried to hone and refine them further. He double-enrolled at Montverde Prep and the junior golf academy Bishops Gate. And seeing his dad play first sparked his interest in the game.

Additionally, Little John, then 13 years old, joined his father on the field to compete in the PNC Father/Son Challenges. Since then, he has developed into a formidable junior challenger with impressive talents and potential. He came in ninth place in the 2016 and 2017 PNC Father/Son Challenges and second place in 2018. Daly Jr. also placed in the top five in 2019 and bottom eight in 2020.

He recently won the 2021 AJGA Junior Championship and was tied for second in the Sung Hyun Park Junior Championship. Not only that, but Little John also placed fifth at both the Justin Thomas Junior Championship and the AJGA Junior at Innisbrook.

He also received an honorable mention at the 2020 Rolex Junior All-American and was named to the 2021 second team. Additionally, he has the 29th spot in the Rolex American Junior Golf Association’s rankings. Likewise, now we can see people searching for John Daly Son.

Who Is John Daly’s Son’s Girlfriend, Marriage, and Wife?

There is currently no information available regarding Little John’s girlfriend. Therefore, he is probably single and committed to furthering his golfing career. Same here. He just started university and is working hard to better his game. However, his father is set to marry Anna Cladakis for the fifth time.

As Daly Srcaddy’s Cladakis frequently travels with him on tour. The newly engaged couple seems happy with one another and in no hurry to change things. Therefore, tying the knot for the couple may still be a ways off. In addition, they do not have any children. Likewise, now we can see people searching for John Daly Son.

How Rich John Daly’s Son John Daly II?

John Daly II has no wealth because he is a college athlete and does not receive a salary. Nonetheless, according to estimates, his dad has a $2 million fortune. Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website,, for the most recent news.

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