NeNe Leakes Boyfriend
NeNe Leakes Boyfriend

NeNe Leakes Boyfriend Has Requested A Divorce From His Wife!

After six years of marriage, NeNe Leakes boyfriend has requested a divorce from his wife.

According to paperwork acquired by Page Six, Nyonisela Sioh placed the date of separation between him and Malomine Tehmeh-Sioh as September 19, 2021. Sioh wants to divide its assets fairly.

He mentioned that they haven’t lived together or had romantic relationships since then; this may have been done in light of Tehmeh-lawsuit Sioh’s against the former “Real Housewives of Atlanta” (RHOA) star.

Tehmeh-Sioh filed a lawsuit against Leakes in late May, alleging that their encounter led to their divorce.

Before his relationship with Leakes, Sioh, and Tehmeh-Sioh, according to court documents acquired by Page Six, “enjoyed a real happy married relationship” and an “active sexual relationship.”

The former Bravolebrity and her now-separated spouse, a fashion designer, “engaged in an ongoing loving, unrestrained, and adulterous affair,” according to Tehmeh-Sioh.

When Leakes uploaded “intimate photographs” of Sioh on social media on December 15, Tehmeh-Sioh, who has a child with Sioh, experienced “embarrassment, shame, and dishonor,” according to the filing.

NeNe Leakes Boyfriend
NeNe Leakes Boyfriend

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Leakes, 54, refuted every accusation made by Tehmeh-Sioh and disproved the assertion that she was a “husband thief.”

“Many things are happening in the world. One day after learning of the lawsuit, she remarked on Instagram Live, “I’m already out here a husband stealer, and this is too much. No one around here is stealing husbands. Are they? I never would.

Leakes joked that “nobody wants to steal nobody else’s troubles” after adding that she had seen “a lot of single folks,” referring to her late husband Gregg Leakes, who passed away from cancer in September 2021. I love you guys, though,” she continued.

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