Ryder Fieri
Ryder Fieri

Why Don’t Fans Know More About Ryder Fieri, Guy Fieri’s Other Son?

Ryder Fieri: Guy Fieri, a star of the Food Network, is known for his eccentric attire and spikey, bleach-white hair. The presenter of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives has a personality unlike any other, contributing to his success in popular culture.

Fieri has cooking skills, and his older son, Hunter Fieri, seems to follow closely in his father’s TV chef footsteps. Why Don’t Fans Know More About Ryder Fieri, Guy Fieri’s Other Son?

The Older Son of Guy Fieri Appears With His Father On A Lot of TVs

The children of Guy Fieri didn’t appear on TV all that often for a long time. On his show, he occasionally would include his sons. Hunter Fieri, Fieri’s older son, has just begun showing interest in his father’s work as a TV personality, but this hasn’t always been the case.

The pandemic seems to have made Hunter Fieri’s right-hand man as he started to attend more tapings with Guy. Fieri could not continue recording his Triple D show as soon as the outbreak began because restaurants closed. Instead, he imitated the program from his own house, having the chefs FedEx him the supplies he needed to prepare the meal.

Ryder Fieri
Ryder Fieri

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Hunter began making cameo appearances on the program to aid Fieri in the kitchen. They eventually developed into a sort of tag team. Hunter has been sharing pictures from the set of Triple D’s resumption of filming on his Instagram, indicating that he is also there on location.

Ryder Fieri, A Younger Son of Guy Fieri And Lori Fieri

Hunter, Fieri’s oldest son, has appeared on television several times, and it increasingly seems likely that he will share Fieri’s spotlight in the future. Ryder Fieri is another son that Fieri and his wife, Lori Fieri, share.

Nearly a decade separates Hunter and Ryder. Ryder Fieri is only 15, and Hunter is 24. Though Fieri has never given a comprehensive explanation, it is probably because Ryder is older that he features his older kid more frequently. Ryder is still a little child, while Fieri didn’t make Hunter famous until he was in his twenties.

Fieri probably wants Ryder to enjoy his youth before following his father and establishing a successful career. Additionally, Ryder is a teenager and might not be as interested in the limelight at this time as his older brother.

Ryder Fieri Might Show Up More Frequently In The Future


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In the future, who’s to say Ryder won’t join his father’s film crew? In his teenage years, Ryder Fieri is probably too focused on school and friends to be concerned about starting a career in television. In addition, Ryder doesn’t have a sizable social media following, and his Instagram profile is secret, indicating that he appears to be quite interested in sticking to himself.

From what we can tell, he seemed to like creating Tik Toks. Fieri hasn’t revealed much about Ryder Fieri’s passion for cooking, but given his age and what appears to be a quieter existence, Ryder Fieri is less likely than his brother to be in the spotlight.

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