Sabrina Return To Amish
Sabrina Return To Amish

Sabrina Return To Amish, Talks Recovery After Overdosing In 2018 And Announces Birth of Fifth Baby!

Sabrina Return To Amish: At the moment, Sabrina Burkholder is thankful for a lot of things, not the least of which is her newborn child.

The 35-year-old former Breaking Amish star, who currently appears on TLC’s Sabrina Return to Amish reality series, previously shared her experience with an almost fatal heroin overdose in 2018, posting on social media that she had checked into rehab and would “disappear off the map” to concentrate on rehabilitation.

She said at the time, “After this, you won’t hear from me for a very long time.” Three years later, Burkholder updates PEOPLE exclusively on the birth of her fifth child with her partner Jethro, 27, as well as her progress in her battle against addiction.

“I’ve now been sober for more than three years. I changed my “people, places, and stuff” after leaving Pennsylvania. To transform into the person I needed to be, I had to make all kinds of changes “she claims. “You’ll never improve if you surround yourself with the wrong crowd and repeatedly put yourself in awkward situations. You must be prepared to go to any lengths.”

On September 7, Sabrina Burkholder gave birth to daughter Kalani Ariyah via cesarean section. The infant was 19 inches long and 6 pounds, 9 ounces in weight. Zekiah, 2, and Skylar, 1, are elder siblings of the newborn Kalani. Burkholder’s older kids, who are ages 5 and 7, are being lovingly cared for by a family member.

“She’s great,” says Burkholder, explaining her decision to conceal her pregnancy. “I want to be relaxed and stress-free during pregnancy,” she continues. I’m telling everyone that it makes me more stressed out and is bad for the baby.” “The kids adore her, and we just arrived home. They are all giddy “says the mother. “My youngest daughter may believe the infant is a doll, I believe. She’s hilarious. She is giddy with anticipation.”

Sabrina Return To Amish
Sabrina Return To Amish

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Sabrina Burkholder tells PEOPLE that her children “keep me grounded” while she maintains her sobriety and attributes her sobriety to her faith and her ability to “concentrate on the positive stuff.” She clarifies, “They keep me occupied, which helps me stay focused. I’m so busy taking care of my kids that I don’t have time to go out and get into mischief.”

“Every day is different and fascinating. And I simply adore them, “She describes raising her children. Since being sober and having children aren’t difficult for me, I’ll be honest and say that my addiction was the hardest portion of my life.

“Now when I take a look back, I find it hard to believe who I once was. Some days it makes me insane, but I can’t do anything about it. Sabrina Burkholder asserts, “I can only influence the future. If you make poor decisions, your life will be miserable. You will lead a positive life if you make good decisions. All of it is up to you.”

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