Deadpool Multiverse
Deadpool Multiverse

Deadpool Is The Only Hero Who Can Save The Multiverse

Deadpool Multiverse: Deadpool 3’s multiversal plot can assist resolve puzzles from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness and prepare audiences for Avengers: Secret Wars, the concluding installment of Phase 6. Ryan Reynolds was the sole actor confirmed to play Wade Wilson, a.k.a.

Deadpool, after Disney, purchased Fox in 2019 and the announcement that Deadpool 3 will introduce the beloved merc with a mouth to the MCU in 2024. There were many uncertainties about how the antihero would enter the MCU. Still, Phase 4 provided the solution by introducing the multiverse, which may reference a hilarious montage from Deadpool 2’s conclusion.

A time traveler introduced in Deadpool 2, Cable uses a tool that later allows him to save Wade’s life. However, in the wrong hands (Deadpool’s hands), this technology allowed Wade to go back in time and undo many errors, such as the killing of his fiancée, the portrayal of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and Ryan Reynolds’ choice to play the Green Lantern.

Time travel restrictions established in Avengers: Endgame and Multiverse of Madness hint that Deadpool’s interference in the time stream may have triggered an incursion, which might be significant in his MCU debut despite his time jumps being played for humorous effect.

Doctor Strange 2 Didn’t Pay Off Its Incursion Warnings

The events of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness were supposed to examine the ramifications of Loki’s dramatic season finale, which ripped open the multiverse across numerous realities. Still, many fans were left feeling somewhat let down.

Despite Reed Richards warning Doctor Strange that his time on Earth-838 might lead to an incursion, nothing transpired to give viewers the impression that the characters were genuinely in danger.

MCU watchers are eager to see what an invasion entails and what might happen in a realm they are already aware of. Still, the only scenes that gave viewers a glimpse of an incursion were those set in Sinister Strange’s universe.

Deadpool Multiverse
Deadpool Multiverse

Many details regarding what transpires when an incursion occurs have remained unrevealed, except that we got to view the incursion universe during Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. In particular, Avengers: Secret Wars, which will conclude the Multiverse Saga, was made possible by the introduction of the concept of incursions.

Clea’s warning during the Multiverse of Madness post-credits scene about Doctor Strange having started an incursion likely sets up the plot for Doctor Strange 3, which, although it hasn’t been confirmed, may arrive before Avengers: Secret Wars.

Deadpool’s Multiverse Meddling Had To Have Caused Incursions

Suppose the time travel theory behind Avengers: Endgame holds for the now-gone Fox reality. In that case, Deadpool’s time jumps after Deadpool 2 didn’t alter the chronology but produced new branched facts that might eventually result in incursions. Deadpool undoubtedly committed considerable harm to the timeline during this montage, which might be more severe in Deadpool 3.

Ryan Reynolds’ murder before the release of Green Lantern would undoubtedly have a significant impact on the planet. Wade Wilson and Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine will have to cross the multiverse to go to the MCU. Thus something has to happen to make them have to leave their realm.

Fox’s X-Men Series Could Get A Satisfying Ending During Deadpool 3

Some of the most contentious superhero movies of the modern era have been produced recently by Fox’s X-Men film series, most notably X-Men: Dark Phoenix and, though they were released separately, 2015’s Fantastic Four.

Deadpool 3’s MCU plot can finally provide a satisfying conclusion to a franchise that had grown much too complicated and confusing, famed for its timeline corrections and retcons, now that Marvel Studios has access to a wide variety of well-known superheroes.

The ideal way to get rid of the old Fox universe and start over with new faces for these famous characters would be if Wade Wilson’s time jumping at the end of Deadpool 2 did, in fact, trigger incursions.

By genuinely demonstrating to viewers what transpires to a universe when an incursion occurs, using the Fox X-Men universe as the primary illustration of this damage, Deadpool 3 can pay off Multiverse of Madness’s incursion warnings.

This would reinforce the threat posed by incursions in viewers’ minds and be the ideal way to start again and give new actors a chance to play the MCU’s X-Men squad when they are presented.

Although it could make some people sad to see the Fox universe destroyed by an invasion, it would undoubtedly open the door for a more robust cast of characters and narratives in the MCU’s expanding canon.

How Could Deadpool 3 Setup Avengers: Secret Wars?

The “Battleworld,” a realm in which a wide variety of Marvel heroes and villains engage in the Secret Wars, was created due to intrusions caused by the Beyonders, aliens who exist beyond the multiverse and attempt to wipe out the multiverse.

Since it would take too long to explain the history of the Beyonders, and destroying every world could sound a bit excessive, this plot will probably undergo significant changes for the MCU.

However, the concept of incursions was first introduced in Multiverse of Madness, and the notion that incursions might result in Deadpool infiltrating the MCU in Deadpool 3 could be the ideal prelude to the plot of Avengers: Secret Wars.

If the Fox X-Men universe is invaded, numerous veteran performers from that franchise may return to their roles for a final time before passing the torch to fresh talent for the MCU’s official X-Men crew.

It would be wonderful to see the tale finally finish, with the Fox universe being destroyed by an incursion, properly tying up any loose ends in that plotline, especially since it stopped suddenly after Disney bought up Fox.

This enigma might have an explanation in Deadpool 3, which could also build up Avengers: Secret Wars and firmly establish itself in the MCU. Follow for more information. You can also leave your thoughts in the comment section, and don’t forget to bookmark our website.

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