Power Rangers Actor Jason David Frank Passes Away
Power Rangers Actor Jason David Frank Passes Away

Green Power Rangers Actor Jason David Frank Passes Away At The Age of 49!

Green Power Rangers Actor Jason David Frank Passes Away At The Age of 49!

Jason David Frank, an actor, best known for creating the character of “Green Ranger” in the “Power Rangers” series, passed away on November 19.

According to a Variety story, he was 49 years old when he died in Texas.

No information on the actor’s tragic passing has yet come to light. In a time of loss, his agent Justine Hunt requested respect for the “privacy of his family and friends.”

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, the original “Power Rangers” television series, debuted on Fox Kids in 1993.

A young audience was the intended audience. Since then, the property has seen several versions and modifications, according to Variety.

The show’s main nemesis, Rita Repulsa, influenced the Green Ranger when he was first introduced as a villain.

The character changed later in the story, becoming the “White Ranger,” and he joined the heroes.

Only the brief appearances of the Green Power Ranger on the show led to Jason David’s initial hiring. However, Variety reports that he quickly became a series regular due to the character’s popularity.


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Can’t believe it, wrote Walter Jones, a co-star of Frank, on Instagram after learning of the actor’s passing. He wrote, “RIP Jason David Frank.”

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The loss of yet another member of our unique family breaks my heart, he continued. Variety reported that Frank also started other martial arts schools. He imparted his military system, known as “Toso Kune Do.”

Hunter and Jacob, Jason David Frank’s two sons, and Skye and Jenna, his two daughters, survive him.

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