Kanye West Dares Elon Musk To Ban Him By Entrusting Nick Fuentes And Alex Jones With His Twitter Account!

Kanye West Dares Elon Musk To Ban Him By Entrusting Nick Fuentes And Alex Jones With His Twitter Account!

The rapper formerly known as Kanye West announced on Thursday that he plans to hand over the keys to his Twitter account to Holocaust denier Nick Fuentes and right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones as a protest against Elon Musk’s stance that he won’t allow Jones back on the platform after a 2018 ban.

“Today, I’m going to have Nick Fuentes and Alex tweet from my account,” Mr. West, now known as Ye, declared on Jones’s Infowars show as part of an antisemitic rant in which he glorified Hitler and targeted Jewish Hollywood celebrities.

Nick Fuentes, the 2024 presidential campaign adviser for Mr. West, added, “I do find it a bit disingenuous that Elon Musk stated he was purchasing Twitter to foster a free speech atmosphere.”

He claims that free speech will save the West and our culture, yet he has taken issue with you, Alex, for some reason that appears personal to him but is not principled.

Later on Thursday, Ye’s Twitter account began receiving tweets that appeared to be from Fuentes.

“Christ is King — America First, GROYPER! – NJF” read one tweet, an apparent allusion to Holocaust denier Fuentes and his “group” supporters.

In a separate tweet, the Ye account revealed that Alex Jones had previously declared, “I support the First Amendment!” Love live Ye!”

Jones posed lukewarm objections to West’s antisemitism in other portions of the interview.

Jones once told West, “You’re not Hitler, you’re not a Nazi, so you don’t deserve to be demonized.”

“Well, I find positive qualities in Hitler as well,” answered West.

It’s not the first time West and his entourage have targeted Twitter’s new owner.

In an unsubstantiated video that began circulating on social media earlier this month, the rapper and fashion designer said he had a “problem” with Musk for not reinstating Jones despite a surge of previously suspended accounts being reinstated.

“West indicated in the clip that Alex Jones is a Christian. “However, a person who does not believe that Jesus Christ is Lord is planning to purchase an American media station and choose speakers for the platform. Christ is Lord.”

In 2018, Twitter permanently terminated Jones’ Twitter account, citing “our abusive behavior policy” as the reason.

In the same year, YouTube, Apple, and Facebook banned the right-wing media figure, who owes more than $1 billion in verdicts for distributing false information about the 2012 horrific school shooting at Sandy Hook, in which 26 people were slain.

Elon Musk Suspends Kanye West’s Twitter Account For Violating Policy

Elon Musk has terminated Kanye West’s (aka Ye) Twitter account for posting antisemitic messages and violating the site’s terms of service. Musk emphasized in response to Mega founder Kim Dotcom that Ye’s account was suspended for “incitement to violence” and not because he posted an “unflattering” photo of the Tesla CEO.

West went on a tweeting spree earlier today and posted a photo of a Nazi Swastika fused with the Star of David. Subsequently, he announced on Truth Social that his Twitter account had been temporarily disabled. Musk later said he “did his best” to persuade West to adhere to Twitter’s guidelines. Still, the rapper continued to post information that violated Twitter’s rule against inciting violence, resulting in a suspension.

Musk concluded the ordeal by Tweeting “FAFO,” which stands for “fuck around and find out.”

This is not West’s first offense against Twitter’s guidelines. His account was temporarily blocked in October for uploading antisemitic material. However, he does not appear to learn his lesson.

West had dominated press coverage since last night when he spoke on Alex Jones’s Infowars and praised Hitler. Following this appearance, the House Judiciary Republicans deleted their tweet from October 6 that read “Kanye West. Elon Musk. Donald Trump.”

Soon after, social network Parler announced that Ye would not be purchasing the company.

“Parlement Technologies has confirmed that the company and Ye have mutually agreed to cancel the sale of Parler,” according to the statement. Ye and the corporation reached an agreement in October for the rapper to purchase the social network for an unknown amount.

This week, Twitter published a blog post stating that it is committed to healthy dialogue under “Twitter 2.0” and that its principles have not changed. However, the firm has modified various restrictions regarding account verification and a waiting period for new users attempting to purchase a Twitter Blue subscription. Musk also provided a “wide amnesty” to previously terminated accounts based on the survey results.

In October, the new Twitter owner pledged a “content moderation committee” with “widely different opinions” about the company’s overarching moderation policy. There have been no advancements since then on this front. Musk has frequently spoken of being a “free-speech absolutist” and making Twitter a “public town square,” but the one policy he has constantly mentioned is suspending violently provoking accounts.

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