Chief Troy Finner
Chief Troy Finner

Police Respond To A Disturbance Complaint At The Home of HPD Chief Troy Finner!

Chief Troy Finner: Houston’s new police chief has been identified as Chief Troy Finner.

Just a few days after Chief Art Acevedo startled the public by announcing that he was taking the top job at Miami’s police department, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner announced on Thursday afternoon.

Since Acevedo took office in 2016, Chief Troy Finner has been his executive assistant. As an administrative assistant, he was in charge of the department’s field operations and homeland security.

Troy Finner, a veteran of 31 years who was up in Hiram Clarke,

Troy Finner claimed that while enrolled in a serial murder course at Sam Houston State University in Huntsville, he fell in love with the field of law enforcement.

Chief Troy Finner was the first member of his family to earn a college degree and graduated at the top of his class. Chief Troy Finner went back to Houston to serve the Houston Police Department rather than pursue sought employment with the FBI or other federal agencies.

Chief Troy Finner is committed to relational policing, which views every interaction with a citizen as an opportunity to strengthen bonds and establish trust. Chief Troy Finner embraces technology and data-driven analysis to decrease crime and takes the lead during significant events, civil unrest, and protests. He is notably dedicated to mentorship initiatives for young people that help close communication and trust gaps with the police.

Police Respond To A Disturbance Complaint At The Home of HPD Chief Troy Finner

On Saturday, the Houston Police Department tweeted a statement in response to a report of a family incident at the home of Police Chief Troy Finner.

According to the statement from HPD, the call resulted from a dispute over Finner’s most recent COVID-19 diagnosis. No allegations of criminal behavior or departmental policy infractions, they claimed.

The complete statement is provided below:

“HPD officers were called to the scene of a family incident at the home of Police Chief Troy Finner at around 3:45 today. After sending a supervisor to the house, a family member gave a statement.

“Neither criminal activity nor a breach of departmental rules is alleged. The chief and any family members stayed apart from one another physically.

“There was a dispute regarding the chief’s most recent COVID-19 diagnosis, which prompted a family member to call the police. The event has been reported to Mayor Turner.

The service request has been recorded.

Officers made no other incidental information available.

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