Amy Robach Affair Photos: When Did The Alleged Affair Start With TJ Holmes?

Amy Robach Affair Photos: Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts allegedly confronted T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach years before their affair was made public earlier this week, according to OK!

The shocking news comes just days after Daily Mail published a cache of images from May of this year that revealed TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s months-long relationship.

However, Robin Roberts allegedly questioned the pair about the relationship allegations between the two as far back as 2017. While the two GMA co-anchors alleged illicit relationship reportedly began in March as the pair trained together for the New York City Half Marathon.

When allegations of an affair first appeared five years ago, according to an ABC News insider, Robin Roberts “took them both away and simply said, ‘Stop it.'” TJ Holmes, 45, and Amy Robach, 49, were questioned by Robin Roberts, according to a second ABC source, although Holmes first rejected the rumors, according to a third network insider.

One of the insiders recently told Page Six, “He was a correspondent at the time, and he didn’t want Robin Roberts thinking that about him. He approached [ABC executives] and got the message that it wasn’t true.

The revelation that a fourth ABC source supported Robin Roberts’ confrontation of Holmes and Robach by stating that Holmes spoke with GMA executive producer Michael Corn to deny the affair rumors as being “absolutely not true” is even more startling.

The co-anchors friendship “took a hit when the rumors arose,” according to reports that the rumors “freaked out” TJ Holmes and Amy Robach.

Tj Holmes and Amy Robach’s relationship was made public on Wednesday after Daily Mail published several images showing the two “canoodling” together as far back as May, as OK! Previously reported.

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In the pictures, the GMA couple can be seen cuddling up to one another in Midtown Manhattan bars near the ABC network headquarters, as well as enjoying a romantic and private getaway together right before Thanksgiving.

Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are said to have ended their marriages in August before the romance was made public. Robach and her actor husband, Andrew Shue, are divorced.

Marilee Fiebig, TJ Holmes’ wife, is said to have been “blindsided” by her husband’s romance with Amy Robach, though it is unknown at this time whether they have begun the divorce process.

When Did The Alleged Affair Start With TJ Holmes?

Amy Robach Affair Photos
Amy Robach Affair Photos

According to an unnamed source quoted by Page Six, TJ Holmes and Amy Robach began having a secret relationship in March, just around the time they started working together to prepare for the marathon.

An unnamed ABC News employee told the magazine that the couple had “very carefully kept their affair a secret behind the scenes” and that the “GMA” producers were “shocked to hear” about their secret romance.

Another unnamed insider asserted to People that Robach and Holmes didn’t get together until after they divorced their respective wives in August. According to the source, “this was two consenting adults who were each separated.”

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