Elon Musk Shirtless
Elon Musk Shirtless

Kanye West Shares Elon Musk Shirtless Photo On Twitter!

Kanye West Shares Elon Musk Shirtless Photo On Twitter!

For the second time, the site is banning the musician, who now goes by the name Ye. It is uncertain at this time if he will make a comeback.

However, Ye made it apparent that he was disseminating his tweets before the platform suspended him.

Elon Musk is shown in the famous photo being hosed by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel while he is shirtless and on vacation by Kanye West. Ye implied in the tweet that it would be his final post on the service after the new Twitter chief warned that his account would once more be blocked for breaking the terms of service—specifically, for encouraging violence.

Kanye West Shares Elon Musk Shirtless Photo On Twitter

Ye posted an image of Elon Musk without a shirt in a tweet. Let’s always remember this as my final tweet, #ye24, the rapper said as the caption for the photo.

The rapper’s account was eventually suspended. Many people believed that Ye’s sharing of the Elon Musk photo was the cause of his ban. Elon Musk quickly put an end to these rumors, though.

Why Was Kanye West Account Banned?

Because Ye posted an image of a Swastika inside a star of David, her account was suspended. Additionally, the rapper published a few posts in which he displayed the text conversation he had with Elon Musk.

Elon Musk brought up how the rapper had “gone too far” during the conversation.

Elon further emphasized that Ye’s account was suspended for “incitation to violence” in one of his tweets. He wrote in his tweet that his account is being suspended for inciting violence, not a picture of me getting hosed by Ari. Sincerely, I found those images to be helpful inspirations for weight loss!

Elon Musk Claimed That He Attempted To Assist Rapper’s Ye Account

Before Elon Musk took over, Ye was barred from Twitter. The rapper’s account was reinstated when Elon Musk purchased the platform, and he could publish whatever he wanted.

He was nonetheless banned once more due to his tweets.

Elon Musk said that despite his best efforts to ensure that Ye was on the platform, a breach of the rules left him with little alternative except to respond to the user.

I did my best and read the tweet. Despite this, he once more transgressed our prohibition against inciting violence. The account will be put on hold.

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