How Much Does TJ Holmes Make
How Much Does TJ Holmes Make

How Much Does TJ Holmes Make In 2022?

How Much Does TJ Holmes Make In 2022? It seems sense for people to be curious in TJ Holmes’ net worth and how much TJ Holmes makes in comparison to his co-hosts on Good Morning America. Loutelous Holmes, Jr., Holmes’ full name, was born on August 19, 1977, in West Memphis, Arkansas. At the University of Arkansas, he majored in broadcast journalism and graduated from there. Holmes started working as a broadcaster in 1999 at KSNF in Joplin, Missouri. He had moved to KTHV in Little Rock, Arkansas, by 2000.

He then started working for KTNV in San Francisco, California, in 2003, after which he was appointed an anchor and correspondent for CNN in 2006. Before heading to BET to host his own series, Don’t Sleep, Holmes had co-anchored CNN’s Saturday & Sunday Morning show. Following the cancellation of Don’t Sleep, Holmes briefly worked for CNN before joining the staffs of World News Now, America This Morning, and Good Morning America on ABC News. In 2020, Holmes joined Amy Robach and Jennifer Ashton as co-hosts of GMA3: What You Need To Know.

While they were still married to their respective husbands, Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, there were allegations that Amy Robach and TJ Holmes started an affair in November 2022. As a result, the two quickly found themselves at the centre of an infidelity scandal. The purported relationship between Holmes and Robach reportedly started in March 2022 and ended when both men went back to their wives in August 2022, according to a source at the time.

Let’s go back to the total amount of money TJ Holmes has accumulated. What is TJ Holmes’ salary and how long has he worked for Good Morning America? Continue reading to learn TJ Holmes’ salary and how it compares to those of the other co-hosts on Good Morning America.

How Much Does TJ Holmes Make In 2022?

Please let me know the current market value of TJ Holmes. TJ Holmes has a $3 million net worth, which is $47 million less than Amy Robach’s net worth, according to Celebrity Net Worth. TJ Holmes’ earnings from Good Morning America and his prior work as a news anchor and reporter for networks like KSNF in Joplin, Missouri (1999), KTHV in Little Rock, Arkansas (2000-2003), and KNTV in San Francisco, California (2004-present)—where he covered events like the Summer Olympics—combine to make up the majority of his net worth.

How Much Does TJ Holmes Make
How Much Does TJ Holmes Make

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TJ Holmes started working as a correspondent and news anchor for CNN in 2006, which has increased his net worth. While working for CNN, Holmes co-hosted the Saturday & Sunday Morning programme and contributed to articles that won the network Peabody Awards for coverage of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010 and the 2008 presidential primary elections.

The Sun alleged in November 2022 that Holmes and Robach had broken a “morality provision” in their agreements with Good Morning America by making their relationship publicly known. A contract obtained by The Sun states that talented people must “act at all times with proper consideration to public morality and customs.”

The performer is prohibited from doing any activities that “aim to expose you or us to public humiliation, contempt, scandal, or ridicule…or which may reflect adversely upon us, or which may damage the popularity of the shows,” according to the rest of the contract. We may terminate this Agreement with notice given within thirty (30) days of learning of such termination, according to the agreement.

They won’t be able to carry on with their education at GMA. The insider predicted that they will be demoted to less desirable positions rather than being outright fired. It’s obvious that this development has upset George and Robin. What a confusing mess!

How Much Money Does TJ Holmes Make At Good Morning America?

Possibly we should discuss TJ Holmes’ pay at Good Morning America. Holmes joined ABC News’s various morning shows as a journalist in September of 2014. (including World News Now, America This Morning, and Good Morning America). He will co-anchor Good Morning America’s late-morning news programme, GMA 3: What You Need to Know, with Amy Robach and Jennifer Ashton starting in September 2020.

What sort of influence does TJ Holmes have on GMA? Although Holmes’ pay is unknown, it is likely that it is less than that of his more seasoned co-hosts, such as Amy Robach, who, according to Celebrity Net Worth, makes $1 million a year hosting Good Morning America. The Wrap pegs George Stephanopoulos’s yearly compensation from Good Morning America, ABC News, and This Week at $15–18 million.

Stephanopoulos is one of the three main anchors on Good Morning America, along with Michael Strahan and Robin Roberts. He agreed to a $65 million, or $15–$18 million per year, four-year contract with ABC in 2019. Roberts reportedly makes $18 million a year on Good Morning America, while Strahan makes $17 million. Both Lara Spencer and Ginger Zee are said to make $3 million and $500,000 year, respectively, according to the website.

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