How Did David Harbour Weight Loss More Than 75 Pounds For Stranger Things 4?

David Harbour Weight Loss: If you’re a fan of the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” you’ll be interested to learn how Jim Hopper, played by David Harbour, shed a staggering 75+ pounds before the last season. Continue reading to find out how the actor achieved this significant weight loss.

In one unforgettable scene, Harbour displays the effects of his time imprisoned in a Soviet labor camp while taking off his shirt to show his thin, toned figure.

David Harbour revealed to GQ that he spent eight months of strenuous training with his trainer David Higgins, which included a strict workout and diet regimen to reduce weight for the part.

How did he shed more than 75 pounds to become the thinner Jim Hopper shown in season 4? Here are the key takeaways from Harbour and Higgins’ Instagram live video.

How Did David Harbour Weight Loss More Than 75 Pounds For Stranger Things 4?

In addition to CIA operative Gregg Beam in “Quantum of Solace,” Van Hauser in “End of Watch,” Shep Campbell in “Revolutionary Road,” and Dexter Tolliver in “Suicide Squad,” David Harbour has portrayed other minor characters. Hopper, played by Harbour, gets detained in a Soviet labor camp in Season 4 of “Stranger Things.”


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The performer lost around 75 pounds to portray the screenplay as realistically as possible. Talk about dedication and perseverance! Harbour lost 190 pounds after starting at 265-270 pounds and losing more than 75 pounds. The actor accomplished it in what way? Work hard, be persistent, change your training routine, and eat significantly less. Learn more about how he lost so much weight by reading on.

David Harbour Weight Loss Journey

David Harbour was never sporty, growing up as a nerdy child who never participated in sports. It wasn’t until he was in his 40s that he discovered his body could not support a sedentary existence.

In an interview with People Magazine, David Harbour recalled seeing an automobile one day while crossing the street. He tried to sprint, but his body wouldn’t let him. He understood that getting older meant losing the ability to run across the street.

David Harbour began training as he prepared to play Hopper in Stranger Things season 4. Additionally, he developed a positive relationship with his physique, which helped him feel good about himself and gave him more confidence. Five days a week, according to Harbour, he does an hour-long Pilates session.

He praised the workouts for correcting his ailment and imbalances in his body, including those in his knee, toe, ankle, hip, and back. Harbour began by performing basic reformer machine exercises. David Harbour chuckled and responded that his trainer made him perform 200 crunches five times a week when asked what his ab routine was to develop his six-pack.

What Was David Harbour’s Weight Loss Exercise Program?

A significant shift that necessitates numerous everyday modifications is losing considerable weight. Keeping your eye on the prize while finding motivation in your setbacks is crucial. It’s challenging to determine how many sizes you can drop by losing the amount of weight David Harbour did. According to Livestrong, dimensions are determined by other factors such as body type and height rather than weight.

But there’s no denying that shedding more than 75 pounds will inevitably result in size reduction. How did David Harbour manage it? To speed up the process, the “Stranger Things” star engaged in intermittent fasting for six-hour intervals in addition to two weekly 24-hour fasts. He did Pilates exercises and a mix of aerobic and weight training.

Pilates helped extend, strengthen, and stretch those muscles because Harbour’s overall goal was to lean down. David Harbour reportedly ran about an hour to an hour and a half at a moderate pace. He wanted to increase his heart rate while running to around 165. This exercise component was the ideal move to reduce his anxiety, assist with his breathing, and maintain his weight loss.

David Harbour Weight Loss
David Harbour Weight Loss

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He informs GQ that exercising “gave me the liberty to put down my phone and to live a life free of constant stimulus and activity. Your breathing slows down when you stand outside. There is something meditative about it. Something about it makes you push yourself and let yourself go, even though I’ve never been a good sit-down mediator.”

What Diet Plan Did David Harbor Follow To Lose Weight?

David Harbour revealed to GQ that intermittent fasting, which included limiting when or how much you can eat in a particular period, was the primary cause of his weight loss.

Although David Harbour said it was only a trendy diet at the time, he later realized it had helped him manage his weight. Although studies haven’t demonstrated that intermittent fasting can promote healthier habits, others have found no adverse effects on health.

The actor claimed that rather than drastically altering his diet, he changed how much he ate, improving his lifestyle. Harbour revealed to GQ that he fasted for 24 hours twice a week and ate within a six- to an eight-hour window during the day.

He didn’t alter his diet; instead, he restricted the times when he had meals. David Harbour decided to eat more veggies and to make his diet healthier by consuming more vegetarian dishes after experimenting with intermittent fasting and quitting sugar for a spell. Even after undergoing a makeover for Stranger Things, he continues to practice intermittent fasting and consumes mainly vegetarian food.

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