Kanye West Twitter Account Suspended After Swastika Post!

Kanye West Twitter Account Suspended: This time, Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, suspended Kanye West’s account for propagating more antisemitic hate speech. After tweeting an edited image of the Star of David superimposed with a Nazi symbol, the rapper was banned from Twitter for violating the platform’s policy against inciting violence.

However, Elon was not amused and fired back at Ye with a tweet on Friday morning. “That’s as good as I could do. But he nevertheless managed to break our rule against inciting violence again. Your account has been locked out.” Kanye’s post was quickly deleted, but for how long he has been banned is unclear.

In October (pre-Musk), his account was temporarily locked for antisemitic comments. Elon responded “great” to Kanye’s last tweet, which showed him getting hosed down by Ari Emanuel, saying, “Frankly, I thought those images to be helpful encouragement to lose weight!” Here’s a look at Kanye West Twitter Account Suspended.

Before his recent Twitter drama, Kanye appeared on Alex Jones’s “Infowars” show on Thursday, where white nationalist Nick Fuentes joined him. In the throes of madness, Ye lauded the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. Here’s a look at Kanye West Twitter Account Suspended.

Jones sought to condemn the Nazis during their strange conversation, but Kanye cut him off, saying, “They accomplished nice things too; we are going to stop dissing the Nazis.” Kanye made the surprising admission, “I like Hitler,” just before a commercial break.

We’ve reported that Kanye has gone on an antisemitic crusade, which has cost him numerous lucrative business agreements as his celebrity friends have turned their backs on him. Here’s a look at Kanye West Twitter Account Suspended.

Further, he angered former president Donald Trump by joining the now-famous meal at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort, even though neither he nor Fuentes had been invited. Please share this with your friends if you find it interesting. Visit Newswatchlist.com for more celebrity updates and breaking news.

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