Lady Gaga Dog Walker
Lady Gaga Dog Walker

Man Who Shot Lady Gaga Dog Walker Sentenced To 21 Years!

Man Who Shot Lady Gaga Dog Walker Sentenced To 21 Years!

According to authorities, the man who stole Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs last year while shooting and injuring her dog walker accepted a plea agreement and was given a 21-year prison sentence on Monday.

According to investigators, the Lady Gaga connection was a coincidence. Detectives don’t think the burglars were aware the dogs belonged to the musician; instead, they suspect they were motivated by the French bulldogs’ high value as a breed, which can reach thousands of dollars.

According to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, James Howard Jackson, one of three individuals and two accomplices who took part in the violent heist and its aftermath, entered a no-contest plea to one count of attempted murder. Which lawyer on Monday represented Howard was not immediately known.

Ryan Fischer, the pop star’s dog walker, was critically hurt in the incident and appeared in court on Monday to give an impact statement. He later posted the message to Instagram.

“It’s hard to think it’s been almost two years since I took Asia, Koji, and Gustav for a stroll in the evening when, suddenly, I found myself using every ounce of strength I had to try to keep those dogs from being stolen. I was beaten, strangled, shot, and left to bleed to death on a sidewalk while gasping for air, but it wasn’t enough. Koji and Gustav had also left.”

Prosecutors earlier said that on February 24, 2021, Jackson and two other individuals were “searching for French bulldogs” while they drove across Hollywood, West Hollywood, and the San Fernando Valley. Fischer was discovered with the pop star’s three animals.

Jackson shot Fischer during the famous Sunset Boulevard robbery, including the theft of two dogs. The dog walker’s screams were captured on a doorbell camera nearby. “Dear God! I’ve been shot, help me, and my chest is bleeding profusely!”

Man Who Shot Lady Gaga Dog Walker Sentenced To 21 Years!
Man Who Shot Lady Gaga Dog Walker Sentenced To 21 Years!

In later social media posts, Fischer described the violence as a “close call with death.” He stated he is still recovering physically and mentally after the shooting in his statement on Monday. He still has to undergo physical rehabilitation, and a portion of his lung must be removed.

Location in Los Angeles, where two dogs were abducted, and Lady Gaga’s dog walker was shot.

Jackson and the other attackers were explicitly mentioned by name by Fischer in the message, and he expressed his forgiveness to both of them. “I know I can’t go ahead from the night you shot me until I say those words to you. You dramatically transformed my life.”

A few days later, Jennifer McBride, who was also charged with the crime, returned the stolen dogs.

When the dogs went missing, the pop artist offered a $500,000 prize — “no questions asked” — to be reunited with them.

According to the DA’s office, Jackson also acknowledged a prior strike and the charge of causing severe bodily harm. What the preceding strike was was not immediately disclosed by the prosecutor’s office.

The office issued a statement, “The plea agreement holds Mr. Jackson accountable for committing a cold-blooded violent act and offers justice for our victim.” Howard was accused of attempting to kill someone, planning a robbery, and assaulting with a semiautomatic weapon.

Jackson was unintentionally released from jail earlier this year due to a typing mistake. He was approx. Five months later found.

Harold White, a second conspirator, entered a not-guilty plea on Monday to the charge of having a pistol as an ex-offender. White, who was dating McBride, was jailed the following year. The McBride case is still pending.

After the incident, the couple allegedly tried to prevent White’s son Jaylin White from being arrested.

Earlier this year, Jaylin White and Lafayette Whaley entered a no-contest plea to robbery.

Last year, when Jackson and the younger White were looking for the expensive dogs, Whaley drove them around. Prosecutors claimed that Jackson and White had jumped out and attacked Fischer. When the dog walker was being attacked and suffocated, Jackson produced a semiautomatic weapon and fired, hitting Fischer once before the others left.

Representatives for Lady Gaga did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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