What Is Andrew Shue Net Worth In 2022?

Andrew Shue Net Worth: Many people are interested in learning what Andrew Shue net worth will be in 2022. As a result, we have updated Andrew Shue net worth in 2022, height, and a lot of other information on our page. Actor, football player, and entrepreneur Andrew Shue. American actor, sportsperson, and businessman Andrew Shue hail from the United States. His role as Billy Campbell on Melrose Place made him famous. He also had a brief professional football career. He sat on the Board of Directors of Do Something, which he co-founded, and is a co-founder of the social networking site CafeMom.

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What Is Andrew Shue Net Worth In 2022?

Andrew Shue Net Worth
Andrew Shue Net Worth

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American actor, sportsperson, and businessman Andrew Shue is worth $50 million. Andrew Shue’s role on the 1990s soap “Melrose Place” is perhaps what made him most well-known. In addition, he helped develop the online media business Cafe Media.

How Was Andrew Shue’s Early Life?

Andrew Shue was born on February 20, 1962, in Wilmington, Delaware. Elisabeth, his sister, is also a performer. He played soccer and attended Columbia High School in Maplewood, New Jersey. In 1994, he and his sister were admitted to the CHS Hall of Fame.

He played soccer at Dartmouth College, where he was named to the All-America team. While attending school in Glasgow, Scotland, he played for Queens Park FC during the winter. In 1989, he received a B.A. in history from Dartmouth. After graduating from college, he played soccer and taught math to high school students in Zimbabwe.

What Was The Beginning of Andrew Shue’s Career?

While attending a movie premiere in 1991 with his sister, Andrew Shue was asked whether he was an actor by a representative, even though he had no intention of becoming one. Yes, Elisabeth responded. Later, while his “Beverly Hills, 90210” spin-off was still in the early stages of production, Aaron Spelling cast him. Billy Campbell, a character who would later be known as “Melrose Place,” was released as Shue’s character in May 1992.

Shue played the sensitive guy with the great hair who was the whipping boy of Courtney Thorne-character Smith’s Allison Parker at the Los Angeles apartment complex where he lived with his beautiful, cunning neighbors in their 20s. For six years, he appeared on the show.

The Francis Ford Coppola movie “The Rainmakers,” in which Andrew starred with Matt Damon and Claire Danes as a violent husband, was released while he was still on Melrose Place. Shue worked on the feature film “Grace” with his sister Elisabeth Shue, brother John, and brother-in-law Davis Guggenheim. The story of Elisabeth’s upbringing as the lone female on an all-boys soccer team was partially based on that of Elisabeth. Will Shue, the siblings’ late brother who passed away in 1988, was also honored in the movie.

How Is Andrew Shue’s Personal Life?

From 1994 through 2008, Andrew Shue was wed to florist Jennifer Hageney. They had three sons: Nathaniel was born in 1996, Aiden was born in 1999, and Wyatt was born in 2004. They got divorced in 2008. Amy Robach, a former Today Show co-anchor and ABC News correspondent, and Shue married in 2010. She has two daughters from a previous marriage.

In the 1990s, Andrew and Michael Sanchez co-founded the young volunteer group Do Something. Do Something is still in existence today, giving awards to young people to help improve their local and national communities. Teens for Jeans, which has amassed millions of pairs of jeans over the years to help homeless teenagers dress, has been one of its most notable initiatives to date. He is currently a member of the board of directors.

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