How Did Darius Daulton Jackson And Keke Palmer Meet?

Darius Daulton Jackson: Keke Palmer revealed on Saturday that she and her boyfriend, Darius Daulton Jackson, are expecting their first child.

On “Saturday Night Live,” the “True Jackson, VP” alum announced during her opening monologue, “Honestly, this has been the biggest blessing, and I am so excited, guys — I’m going to be a mom!”

The happy news was also shared on Instagram by Darius Daulton Jackson, who posted a picture of Keke Palmer’s growing baby bump along with the caption “2023.”

What you need to know about the soon-to-be father is provided below.

Who Is Darius Daulton Jackson?

Darius Daulton Jackson, sometimes known as Darius Daulton, is a professional in the entertainment and fitness fields. Jackson played numerous sports growing up and went to Fresno State University on a football scholarship, according to a fitness bio, even though little is known about his early life.

On the weekends, Jackson stated in the same profile that he prefers “to catch up on sleep, then checks in to see what I can get myself into, whether hanging out with friends, family, or going to the movies by myself.”


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Even while he maintains a relatively modest profile on social media, he periodically publishes pictures of himself exploring the world, acting gigs, and hanging out with pals.

What Is The Job of Darius Daulton Jackson?

According to his Inspire Fitness bio, Jackson considered “pursuing his career” in sports media before entering the entertainment industry and even “received a certificate in broadcasting.”

According to Us Weekly, Jackson also dabbled on YouTube, where his channel at one point had 19,000 subscribers. Since then, his page has been deleted.

He has teased a few acting projects that he has been working on this year, including “Dawn of the Predator,” on his Instagram. He appeared in 2019 on a program called “Games People Play,” according to his IMDb biography.

How Is Sarunas Jackson Connected To Darius Daulton Jackson?

Jackson may be known to some viewers because from 2017 to 2021, his brother Sarunas Jackson played Alejandro “Dro” Pea on Issa Rae’s popular HBO series “Insecure.”

Darius appears to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, Sarunas, who participated in sports before beginning his acting career.

How Did Darius Jackson And Keke Palmer Meet?

At a basketball game, Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson are seated. The two allegedly connected at a celebrity-studded Memorial Day celebration the previous year.

Since their alleged introduction at Issa Rae and Diddy’s Memorial Day party in 2021, when Palmer reportedly made a brief cameo on an “Insecure” episode, Palmer and Jackson have kept their relationship a secret.

In August 2021, they finally made their Instagram account public, but fans soon noticed that nearly all of their photos of the two of them together had been deleted this spring.

Darius Daulton Jackson
Darius Daulton Jackson

Image source: justjared

In a since-deleted Instagram post, he said, “You’ve been a blessing from above. Never in a million years did I think summer 2021 would play out the way it did, yet here we are. I’m glad we supported one another during our darkest moments and demonstrated to one another that we are putting everything we have to the table.

In a since-deleted video of her lover that was initially shared in October last year, the “Nope” actress also broke down in tears. It feels nice not to be afraid to show this kind of care for someone I don’t share the same blood with, she wrote in the video, without getting too mushy because I HATEEEE THAT. “I can be pretty guarded, so I didn’t think that could ever happen, but I appreciate you having a safe environment. I will always value what you have provided for me.

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