Silvio Scaglia Divorce
Silvio Scaglia Divorce

Silvio Scaglia Divorce: The Year He Filed For Divorce, And He Got Engaged To His New Girlfriend!

Silvio Scaglia Divorce: The new Netflix series, which debuted on the streaming platform on December 2, details the breakup of Silvio, 64, and Julia Haart.

When they were married, the two were CEOs of the Elite World Group talent agency, but Julia, 51, lost her job as CEO after they split up. Netflix has released the second season of My Unorthodox Life. In case you weren’t aware, a lot has changed since the first season aired.

Julia Haart, a fashion designer who left her Orthodox Jewish neighborhood in Monsey, New York, married the software entrepreneur Silvio Scaglia during the show’s first season.

But some could argue that there was always a chance for trouble between these two. Julia took over as CEO of Elite World Group in 2019, eight years after Silvio Scaglia was elected chairman of the modeling agency.

Small snippets of their divorce proceedings are shown in Season 2. If you didn’t know, Julia Haart was sacked from her position as CEO of EWG earlier this year, and the Netflix cameras were there to record it all. Many people going through divorce are uncertain about how they will divide their assets. Which raises the question, how much money does Silvio have?

Discover how the internet entrepreneur earned his money, including all of his employment, and what data Women’s Health has on divorce expenses in the following sections.

Julia Haart And Silvio Scaglia Divorce

In the first episode of season 2 of My Unorthodox Life, Silvio Scaglia clears out Julia Haart’s flat of all of his belongings.

The two are divorcing now after getting married in 2019. According to Julia Haart, who recounted how she started the divorce, her children and Silvio didn’t get along well.

Julia claimed Silvio wanted her children to “make appointments” to see them in front of her acquaintances. She is heard saying he doesn’t want anything to do with them. He requests my full attention.

Who Is The New Girlfriend of Silvio Scaglia?

After Julia and Silvio divorced in February 2022, he started seeing someone fresh a few months later. Page Six said in April that Silvio had a “new girlfriend” and that the two were “working on charitable projects.”

Michelle-Marie Heinemann is a socialite and the new girlfriend of Silvio Scaglia. She is 56 years old, according to The Cinemaholic.

Are Silvio Scaglia And Michelle Scaglia Engaged?

Michelle and Silvio Scaglia announced their romance to the world in the spring, and by September, they were engaged. Michelle posted the following message on Instagram on September 29: “Together for all eternity.” This quicksand romance between the two seems to be a dream come true.

Silvio Scaglia and Michelle have been spotted doing acro yoga, vacationing in far-off places, and going to Michelle’s son’s football games.

Hyacinth is a daughter, and Hudson is Michelle’s only child. She is the owner of the lifestyle company Old Fashioned Mom. “Goods, jewelry, coffee, candy, accessories, apparel, beauty, family NY,” the mother-of-two writes in her Instagram bio.

What Is Silvio Scaglia’s Estimated Net Worth?

Silvio Scaglia Divorce
Silvio Scaglia Divorce

Image source: people

The billionaire status of Silvio Scaglia has not changed. There aren’t many reliable estimates available, but Forbes estimated his net worth to be $1 billion in 2010. Most publications, including The Cinemaholic, believe it has stayed in that range because of his work.

That’s about double what his soon-to-be ex-wife is worth; a source close to Julia Haart claimed in 2021 that her net worth was $600 million. If you find this interesting, please forward it to your friends. Visit for the most up-to-date and recent celebrity news.

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