Jesse James Net Worth
Jesse James Net Worth

What Is Jesse James Net Worth In 2022? Is He Facing Legal Problems?

Jesse James Net Worth: Jesse James, the most well-known member of the James-Younger Gang and an American outlaw, gang leader, bank robber, train robber, and murderer, was from Missouri. What is the infamous American outlaw Jesse James net worth? Continue reading to learn more about the pay of this gang boss, bank thief, and train thief.

Jesse James is thought to have $50 million in debt as of 2022. His compensation from his different businesses also includes the revenue he receives from endorsement deals and other business initiatives. James has amassed his wealth due to diligence, astute investing, and good fortune.

What Is Jesse James Net Worth In 2022?

Jesse James is an American businessman and reality television personality with a $50 million net worth. James created West Coast Choppers in 1992, and with it, he has amassed a bike customization empire. Since then, the business has expanded into a sizable commerce and lifestyle empire that boasts several fast food outlets, TV programs, magazines, apparel lines, and more.

He has also made appearances on the television shows “The Apprentice” (2009), “Jesse James Is a Dead Man” (2009), and “Jesse James: Outlaw Garage.” His show “Monster Garage” (2002–2006) was one of the Discovery Channel’s top popular programs (2012). The documentaries “Motorcycle Mania III” (2004), “Joe Kid on a Stingray” (2005), and “Jesse James: Blacksmith” were all produced by James, as well as the films “Jesse James Is a Dead Man,” “Jesse James: Outlaw Garage,” and “Monster Garage” (2011). Additionally, Jesse has acted in the short “Two Scoops,” the features “Machete Kills” (2013) and Torque (2004). (2013).

Sandra Bullock, an Academy Award-winning actress he was married to from 2005 to 2010, divorced him after he admitted to cheating on her. From 2013 to 2020, he married drag racer and hair care heiress Alexis DeJoria. John Paul Dejoria, the father of Alexis, founded The Patron Spirits Company and the John Paul Mitchell hair care line. John Paul has a $4 billion net worth.

How Was Jesse James’s Early Life?

On April 19, 1969, Jesse Gregory James was born in Long Beach, California. Jesse’s parents had divorced, so he moved in with his father, who ran an antique shop that shared a warehouse with a company that produced Harley-Davidson aftermarket components. Jesse got his first mini-bike when he was 7 years old, and in his mother’s garage as a high school freshman, he built a motorcycle exhaust system.

Jesse James attended La Sierra High School before enrolling at the University of California, Riverside. He played football as an outside linebacker until a knee injury interrupted his athletic career. Jesse started as a bouncer and bodyguard for bands like Slayer, Soundgarden, and Danzig when he was 19. James decided to pursue a vocation he was passionate about, building custom motorcycles, after suffering an injury at a concert.

How Is Jesse James’ Personal Life Going?

James has three children and has been married five times. In 1991, he wed Karla, his first wife. Before divorcing in 2002, they welcomed children, son Jesse Jr., and daughter Chandler. On October 20, 2002, he got hitched by Janine Lindemulder. Sunny, their daughter, was their only child.

Jesse James Net Worth
Jesse James Net Worth

After divorcing Janine in 2004, Jesse married Sandra Bullock on July 16, 2005. Bullock brought her godson to the “Monster Garage” set, where he first met Bullock. When several women came forward in March 2010 to say they had a romantic relationship with Jesse while he was married to Sandra, James was forced to apologize publicly. He said the following:

“I am deeply sorry to have caused my wife and children such unimaginable suffering and embarrassment. I sincerely apologize for the suffering I have caused them. I’m hoping that someday they’ll be able to find it in their hearts to pardon me.” Sandra filed for divorce in April, and Jesse entered a rehab facility by the month’s end. The couple had started the adoption procedure for a baby boy four years earlier, and Bullock continued the adoption as a single parent.

In June 2010, the divorce was legally concluded. In January 2011, Jesse and tattooist Kat Von D got engaged. When they broke up in September 2011, Von D accused James of having extramarital affairs with several women. On March 24, 2013, Jesse married drag racer Alexis DeJoria. In March 2020, they divorced.

Jesse wed Bonnie Rotten, a star of the adult film industry, in June 2022. He was 53, and she was 29 years old when they got married. James has asserted that Jesse James, a bank and train robber, was his great-great-grandfather’s cousin. Still, Eric James, president of the James Preservation Trust, disputes this and claims that Jesse is not mentioned in the outlaw’s family tree.

Is Jesse James Facing Legal Problems?

When it was discovered that the motorcycles James had sold between 1998 and 2005 had broken the state’s clean-air regulations, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) penalized him $271,250 in 2007. Jesse claimed ignorance of the rule modification that subjected small-volume producers to CARB rules.

James was served with a $422,680 breach of contract lawsuit in 2008 by a client who had engaged him to construct a custom automobile in 2005. In his case, Michael Jones claimed that he had paid $270,000 for the car, which was still unfinished, and that two years into the project, Jesse had given him a revised estimate of $600,000 to $700,000.

Additionally, Jesse has been sued by his previous attorneys more than once, in 2008 for $327,533 in unpaid fees and in 2014 for $500,000 (which included $100,000 in outstanding fees and interest and damages). If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit

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