Joe Biden Hosts Emmanuel Macron
Joe Biden Hosts Emmanuel Macron

Joe Biden Hosts Emmanuel Macron For First State Dinner

Joe Biden Hosts Emmanuel Macron: US President Joe Biden received his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron at the first state dinner held at the White House since entering office. In contrast to Russian aggression in Ukraine, Biden underscored the democratic values and respect for human rights that connect the US and France in a joint press conference. He also emphasized the US’s historic alliance with France.

The US President said, “today we reaffirm that, as I said, we’re going to stand together against this brutality.”

Biden went on to reaffirm that the US will continue its strong support for the Ukrainian people “as they defend their homes, and their families, and their nurseries, their hospitals, their sovereignty, their integrity against Russian aggression.”

President Emmanuel Macron discussed the potential threat of an impending trade war between Washington and Brussels. The French president stated that agendas must be resynchronized to avert harm to France and Europe from the fiscal incentives used in the United States.

Joe Biden Hosts Emmanuel Macron
Joe Biden Hosts Emmanuel Macron

The French president said, “the domino effect that US fiscal aid can have on projects being developed in Europe can be solved. We want to succeed together, not against each other.”

After Australia broke a multi-million dollar submarine agreement with France last year in favor of US nuclear alternatives, the White House may have wanted to set the record straight with Paris.

In a joint press conference, Biden referred to Macron as a friend and expressed his hope that the incident has been resolved.

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