What Are Nicolas Cage Horror Movies
What Are Nicolas Cage Horror Movies

What Are Nicolas Cage Horror Movies? Check Here The Best 7 Horror Movies of All Time!

Nicolas Cage Horror Movie: Throughout his distinguished career, Nicolas Cage has made appearances in several horror films; which of these films are worth watching, and which are best avoided? Cage has lately returned to screens in two films, Prisoners of the Ghostland and Pig, both in distinct genres but for which he has received impressive (if occasionally bewildered) reviews.

The reception to Cage’s performances has been as varied as his eclectic taste in projects, ranging from hilariously terrible to incredibly inspiring. It should come as no surprise that Nicolas Cage has a long history of playing in eerie films, considering horror is one of the most controversial genres in cinema.

Like Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Cage has a long history of roles in horror films. However, unlike Winstead, several of these roles have only appeared in the previous few years. Like the rest of his canon, Cage’s horror works can be anything from sublime to downright absurd, or even both at once.

The Moonstone director Robert Bierman first cast Cage in a horror picture with his quirky, blackly humorous blend of horror and comedy, Vampire’s Kiss (1988). After avoiding scary movies for ten years, the actor returned to the genre for the critically panned The Wicker Man adaptation in 2006.

Then, Cage did a Kevin Bacon and starred in a slew of horror films, seemingly to make up for a lost time. Genre enthusiasts have taken notice of his work in movies like “Mom and Dad” and “Mandy,” a surreal independent film released in 2018. Given his prolific output, which of Nicolas Cage’s scarier films should horror fans seek out? Let’s move and read more about Nicolas Cage Horror Movie.

7. The Wicker Man (2006)

Nicolas Cage Horror Movie
Nicolas Cage Horror Movie

The Wicker Man, a horror film directed by Neil LaBute (a writer), maybe the least terrifying film ever made in the subgenre. The Wicker Man, starring Nicolas Cage, is a remake of the 1973 British folk horror film that remains a defining text of the subgenre. In both versions, the protagonist travels to a remote island, where the local Neo-pagans are up to something sinister.

What happens next is inadvertently funny and melodramatic mayhem, unlike the original and the countless folk nightmares it spawned like Midsommar. Even with Cage’s creative craziness in a character that has him dressed as a bear, knocking out several villagers, and stealing a bicycle at gunpoint, this stinker fails to deliver on its intended frightful tone. Let’s move and read more about Nicolas Cage Horror Movie.

6. Grindhouse (2007)

Nicolas Cage Horror Movie Grindhouse
Nicolas Cage Horror Movie Grindhouse

Even though the ambitious experiment Grindhouse was not the triumph spectators had hoped for, the humorous double-bill experience was never more successful than when several great horror directors directed trailers for faux horror films of the ’70s. Rob Zombie’s Werewolf Women of the SS, a two-minute effort that more accurately nailed the genre’s atmosphere than much of Grindhouse, including a brief appearance from Cage as Fu Manchu.

While the undervalued Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez film is still too long, the scenes in which Rob Zombie, Eli Roth, and Edgar Wright seize the reins are entertaining. Let’s move and read more about Nicolas Cage Horror Movie.

5. Pay The Ghost (2015)

Pay The Ghost was supposed to be a good horror film because it was directed by Uli Edel, who also ran Last Exit to Brooklyn. Cage depicts a distraught parent looking for his missing kid after the Halloween parade. The eponymous spooks reveal the truth about his lost children, pulling him deeper into a weird world of parallel realities as he searches for them.

This disjointed attempt takes too many cues from James Wan’s Insidious films and is content with its plodding pace to engage the audience. Meanwhile, Cage is on autopilot and doesn’t bring the usual bug-eyed craziness or genuine, rock-solid acting to the character. Let’s move and read more about Nicolas Cage Horror Movie.

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4. Mom And Dad (2017)

Directed by Neveldine and Taylor, who both worked on Crank, Mom and Dad is a darkly comedic action thriller with a fantastic idea. A rapidly spreading sickness causes all human beings to become psychotic murderers, but only if they are parents.

Cage has a great time in the role of an infected father on the quest for his healthy children, and the picture gets a lot of gloomy laughs out of its ludicrous premise. This is one of Cage’s best genre efforts, and it contains a standout performance by the consistently underestimated Selma Blair as his criminal partner/co-parent in the title role. Let’s move and read more about Nicolas Cage Horror Movie.

3. Mandy (2018)

Nicolas Cage Horror Movie Mandy
Nicolas Cage Horror Movie Mandy

Mandy, directed by Beyond the Black Rainbow’s Panos Cosmatos, is a revenge film that mashes up the standard revenge thriller with the vivid, hallucinatory horror of Alejandro Jodorowsky. The story is extremely simplistic: Cage’s reticent logger Red is held captive and forced to watch.

At the same time, a group of Satanic motorcyclists immolates his sweetheart, after which he explodes into terrible wrath and annihilates the gang. This trippy homage to the original Mad Max is a strange duck of a film, but the sleek style and visual splendor, not to mention the sheer savagery of the action, make it a trip into Hell worth taking. Let’s move and read more about Nicolas Cage Horror Movie.

2. Color Out Of Space (2019)

It is notoriously difficult to capture the dread of Lovecraftian and cosmic horror on film, with most adaptations of Lovecraft falling short. The Color Out Of Space, released in 2019, is largely successful, starting slowly but building to a horrifying and mind-bending finish thanks to its faithful adaptation of the Lovecraft short story.

This horror story keeps things limited for the most part, with the titular hue appearing on a farm and gradually wreaking havoc on Cage’s farmer and his unassuming (and unlucky) family. Despite its slow start, this overlooked horror film picks up the pace once the gore begins and doesn’t let up until the credits roll. Let’s move and read more about Nicolas Cage Horror Movie.

1. Willy’s Wonderland (2021)

Willy’s Wonderland, due out in 2021, is an easygoing adventure that relies almost entirely on audience goodwill toward its star. The premise of Cage’s stoic antihero beating up possessed killer animatronics at the titular tourist attraction is enough to keep this mild Five Nights At Freddy’s copycat ticking over.

Still, the lack of character development and stakes eventually grate on even the most forgiving horror fanatic. Even though the supporting cast isn’t all that great, this horror comedy has its share of inspired moments and a dark, Tales From the Crypt-style sense of humor that prevents it from being a slog. If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit Newswatchlist.com.

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