Bayonetta Origins: ‘Cereza And The Lost Demon’ Will Be Released In March 2023!

Bayonetta Origins: A trailer for the upcoming spinoff in the franchise, Cereza, and the Lost Demon, also made its debut at The Game Awards. Bayonetta Origins, as the name suggests, chronicles the tale of Bayonetta when she was Cereza and had just called Cheshire her first demon. The story of how Cereza explores a woodland over her mother’s cautions is shown in the trailer. It also displays some gameplay with and without Cheshire and the game’s narrative components.

Bayonetta Origins
Bayonetta Origins

On March 17, 2023, Bayonetta Origins will be made only for the Nintendo Switch accessible. After The Game Awards, you can pre-order the game digitally via the eShop, but you can also buy a hard copy when it goes on sale.

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