Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Fans Are Calling Out 'Alarming New Face' After Performance!
Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Fans Are Calling Out 'Alarming New Face' After Performance!

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery: Fans Are Calling Out ‘Alarming New Face’ After Performance!

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery: Gwen Stefani’s current on-stage performance has generated new plastic surgery rumors as admirers took to social media to comment on her “unrecognizable” appearance. Let’s move and read more about Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery.

Gwen Stefani Performs At Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting

The Voice coach, 53, sang “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” to kick off the stunning Rockefeller Christmas Tree Lighting show on Wednesday, November 30. She also sang “Under the Christmas Lights” and a duet of “You Make It Feel Like Christmas” with husband Blake Shelton.

Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery
Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery

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Fans were distracted by her face during those close-ups, even though she stunned them with her interpretations of the Christmas classics and looked magnificent in her festive-inspired ensembles, complete with old Hollywood glamour huge curls in her hair.

Fresh Fillers And Cosmetic Surgery Allegations

The crimson lip that the “Just A Girl” singer is known for wearing drew attention to her full pout, suggesting that she may have recently undergone cosmetic surgery. We doubt they would have gone over too well, especially as her admirers have repeatedly asked her to quit using lip fillers.

Not only did Mrs. Blake Shelton appear to have received a lot of compliments on her enlarged lips, but she also appeared to have had recent cheek fillers. Let’s move and read more about Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery.

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Gwen Stefani Plastic Surgery: Fan Comments

One perplexed viewer tweeted after the show, “Idk what Gwen Stefani did to her face, but it’s worrisome,” while another said, “Gwen Stefani’s horrible face.” “To what end has Gwen Stefani altered her facial appearance? Didn’t even register that it was her! “exclaimed another supporter, followed by a few expressions of amazement.

Another Twitter user joked, “Gwen Stefani got a new face AND a new voice?” “I was devastated over the passing of Gwen Stefani’s lovely face,” said another. Another commented, “I’ve been trying to recall Gwen Stefani’s original face while watching the Tree Lighting Ceremony.”

“What the devil did Gwen Stefani do to her face? She used to be stunningly gorgeous and graceful, but now she looks like she’s had too much work done. What exactly is wrong with getting older gracefully? “said another disgruntled spectator. Another fan wondered, with a brief video of Gwen’s performance, “What happened to the gorgeous face of Gwen Stefani?”

Previous Fan Criticism Over Her ‘Unrecognizable’ Appearance

The former No Doubt singer has been called “unrecognizable” and criticized numerous occasions in the past year for allegedly going to extremes with plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures like Botox and fillers. Gwen shared a selfie on Instagram on November 23 and received a lot of feedback about her lips from her followers.

Someone said, “I liked your original lips more,” and someone else inquired, “Did you get a lip job?” “When you asked me if I recognized her, I had to admit I did not. So sorrowful, “a second one, Another user commented, “I miss ‘No doubt’ Gwen,” followed by a sobbing emoji. “Unfortunately, she doesn’t look like herself anymore,” another person remarked.

When she posted a close-up of herself from one of the most recent episodes of The Voice, viewers speculated that she had a ‘Botox lip flip. During her appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers in September, she again appeared unrecognizably different, this time with a tighter and puffier face than ever before.

One fan said, “it does not look like Gwen Stefani as I remember her” when she appeared on Seth Meyers, while another said, “Wow, I did not recognize her for a minute.” Fans were quick to voice their concerns on social media both times (and all the other times she has been accused of going overboard!).

A Plastic Surgery Expert Weighs In

As fans, we are always curious to know what professionals think of the changes made by A-listers. Dr. Richard Westreich, a plastic surgeon, recently shared his thoughts on the “Hollaback Girl” singer; according to an article in The U.S. Sun, she has spent around $100,000 on cosmetic procedures and treatments so that she won’t need a facelift in ten years.

She’s at a turning point in her life where the goal should be to look fabulous and age-appropriate; while she’s looking terrific now, it would be a shame for her to go too far in the opposite direction and end up looking odd rather than extraordinary.”

“She’s at that cusp and shouldn’t be wanting to look 40 forever, and right now, she already looks a decade younger than she is,” he continued, referring to the puffiness and making assumptions about the procedures she may have undergone.

“Gwen also has these moments where she looks unnaturally puffy, which is symptomatic of her having facial tightening treatments done like FaceTite,” he continued. It’s hard to deny the change in Gwen’s appearance, even though we can’t be sure what she has or hasn’t done. If you think this is interesting, please share it with your friends. For more updates and the latest news regarding celebrities, Visit

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