Ronnie Turner
Ronnie Turner

Ronnie Turner, Son of Tina Turner And Ike Turner, Dies of Cancer At Age 62!

According to social media messages from his mother and wife, Ronnie Turner, the youngest son of Tina Turner and Ike Turner, who starred in the 1993 film What’s Love Got to Do With It, passed away on Thursday. He was 62.

On Friday, the 83-year-old R&B legend said on her Instagram account, “Ronnie Turner, you departed the earth far too early.” “I close my eyes in grief and remember you, my precious son.”

Ronnie Turner occasionally played bass in both of his parents’ musical ensembles. According to Billboard, he also had his band called Manufactured Funk with musician and lyricist Patrick Moten. He had recently struggled with health difficulties, including cancer.

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The second son that Tina Turner lost is Ronnie Turner. She had her eldest child, Craig, with saxophonist Raymond Hill when she was 18. Craig committed suicide in 2018. Ike Turner, the father of Ronnie Turner, died in 2007.


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In the same year, Ronnie Turner wed Afida Turner. I tried my hardest to the end this time, but I could not save you, the French singer wrote in an emotional tribute and response that she put online today. I’ve loved you for 17 years, but this is terrible, and I’m furious. This is a tragedy; may your father, Ike Turner, Craig, and Aline rest in paradise. So unjust.

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