Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Expert Explains Why His Face Is 'Melting' Amid Health Concerns!
Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Expert Explains Why His Face Is 'Melting' Amid Health Concerns!

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery: Expert Explains Why His Face Is ‘Melting’ Amid Health Concerns!

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery: A few months ago, Simon Cowell made headlines by announcing that he was giving up Botox and fillers to age gracefully in response to his son Eric’s apparent criticism of his appearance following the surgeries.

The 63-year-old music mogul appears to have broken his word, as fans have raised new plastic surgery worries after he appeared more unidentifiable than ever in a promotional video for Britain’s Got Talent that was released to its official Twitter account and has since been deleted. Let’s move and read more about Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery.

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery: He Looks Unrecognizable In New Video!

Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery
Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery

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On Thursday, December 1st, the judge of Britain’s Got Talent was featured in a video encouraging people to audition for the upcoming season of the talent competition, saying, “I always say on this show, two or three minutes can change your life. Also, it has. It may be you this time around. As such, I urge you to start preparing for next year’s auditions immediately, and I look forward to working with you.

Despite this, his visage, which some fans described as being “melted” and “heavily filtered,” gained practically *all* of the attention on social media, to the detriment of his actual words. Here’s a look at Simon Cowell Plastic Surgery.

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Twitter Comments About Simon Cowell’s Appearance

It should be no surprise that the X Factor judge’s flawless face and dazzling white teeth received much attention on Twitter. One person commented on the now-deleted post of the video on Britain’s Got Talent, saying, “Not one for slagging someone’s appearance, but his face looks like it’s melting.”

Another supporter questioned, “What the hell happened to Simon Cowell?” They then exclaimed, “He has transformed into one of the thunderbird characters!” Another Twitter user remarked, “Looks anorexic and heavily filtered.”

Another joked, “Climate change has melted his face,” Many people refused to accept that the man staring back at them was the America’s Got Talent judge. It doesn’t even look like him, one person remarked. “Holy crap, I almost didn’t recognize him then,” another added. Another argued, “This is not him.”

Another person screamed, “That’s NOT Simon!”. In contrast, others compared him to celebrities like Will Smith and Madonna, who appear to have received extensive plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures in recent years. One person commented, “Plastic surgery, too much of it…” and another said, “He got his eyes done.”

Someone else said, “Too much Botox or a poor facelift!” A second user provided extensive speculation as to what he may have done, stating, “Chin implant! Worse than Tom Jones and Kenny Rogers, but not quite. Because of Botox, his eyebrows are skewed. He has attractive, severely hooded eyes. The photographs of him are dreadful. What a tragedy!”

Simon Cowell’s Earlier Comments About Quitting Botox And Fillers

Cowell’s appearance comes as even more of a surprise given his previous statements about abandoning Botox and fillers in favor of more natural, non-invasive methods of maintaining his youthful appearance. “Everyone on TV gets Botox, so I maybe got a touch too much a few years ago.

I have started getting facials, but nothing fancy right now. “He had previously revealed this to The Sun. He said there was a time when I may have gone too far. “The other day, I saw a picture of myself from ‘before,’ and at first, I didn’t identify it as me.”

The reaction of his then-eight-year-old son Eric to his new appearance following cosmetic procedures is what convinced him to quit, he explained. “Eric was in hysterics,” he admitted. “In other words, enough was enough. All of the filler has been removed from my face. Zero.”

Unfortunately, we don’t believe this to be the case anymore. We can’t help but worry about how his youngster will respond to his new look. If you think this is interesting, please discuss it with the other people you know. Visit for the most recent news and updates regarding famous people.

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