Is Steven Tyler Ill In 2022
Is Steven Tyler Ill In 2022

Is Steven Tyler Ill In 2022? What Happened To Him?

Steven Tyler Ill: After lead singer Steven Tyler became ill, American rock band Aerosmith had to postpone two residency gigs at the Dolby Live theatre in Las Vegas. The performances were planned for December 3 and December 5.

Aerosmith already announced that Steven Tyler would make his stage return on Monday. The band has now revealed that it has also called off its Monday performance. The 74-year-old frontman’s mysterious ailment forced the cancellation of the gigs.

In their most recent social media post, Aerosmith stated, “Unfortunately, tomorrow’s gig, Monday, December 5th, in Las Vegas, has to be canceled. Steven Tyler rests more on his doctor’s orders but insists, “There is nowhere we’d rather be than on stage surrounded by the finest fans in the world.”

Additional text reads, “We apologize sincerely. Tickets can be refunded instantly through Ticketmaster. The purchase location will be the only place where alternative refunds are offered. The Las Vegas residency, which began in September at the Park MGM, is titled Deuces Are Wild and runs until December 11.

Tickets purchased through Ticketmaster’s website will be returned through that platform, while tickets purchased elsewhere will be refunded at the original point of purchase. Let’s move and read more about Steven Tyler Ill. Is Steven Tyler Ill?

Steven Tyler Ill: What Happened To Steven Tyler?

Steven Tyler Ill
Steven Tyler Ill

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The band and Steven Tyler did not discuss Steven’s illness as the reason for canceling the Vegas gigs. To further spread the news, Tyler shared it again on his Instagram Stories. Although the singer’s current state is unknown, he has been plagued by a foot condition for quite some time, and he has frequently posted photographs of his deformed and swollen toes on social media.

Steven Tyler had foot surgery in May, forcing the band to postpone a few performances during their summer residency. According to a joint statement from the bar, the vocalist relapsed as she dealt with the pain of surgery.

Following this, the group stated social media reading:

Many of you know that our dear brother Steven has been sober for a long time. Recently, he relapsed and deliberately checked himself into treatment to focus on his health and recovery following foot surgery in advance of the stage and the need for pain management during the process.

This condition is described as follows on the Louetta Foot and Ankle website:

While most often affecting the space between the third and fourth toes and the football, Morton’s neuroma can also affect other parts of the foot and is extremely painful. Morton’s neuroma develops when a nerve in the foot becomes irritated and inflamed as it is compressed and exacerbated by the foot and ankle bones.

Also Read:

The singer has checked into treatment centers multiple times. He initially checked into treatment in the 1980s, when his career was at its height, relapsed in the early 2000s, then checked into rehab in early 2009 after abusing prescription pills following foot surgery. Let’s move and read more about Steven Tyler Ill. Is Steven Tyler Ill?

Fans Debate Over Aerosmith’s Last-Minute Cancellation of The Las Vegas Concert!

Fans were disappointed by Aerosmith’s abrupt decision to end their Las Vegas residency. It was already canceled two hours before the show was scheduled to start. According to numerous followers, they had already spent money on transportation and lodging.


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User @mrs_baucom lamented, “Flew out here from NC; this is the second time I have missed Aerosmith since the last part of the tour was canceled.” Cancellation and refund policies for artists do not extend to lodging costs. Terribly, horribly, let down. This is a significant disappointment and why I rarely purchase tickets for events outside my area.

Some of Steven Tyler’s devoted followers posted messages of encouragement and well-wishes for his rapid recovery below. Please tell your friends about this if you think it’s interesting. Go to for the latest updates and news about celebrities.

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