What Is xResolver? What Should You Do If You Appear On xResolver?

xResolver: You probably already feel a little uneasy if you look up what is xResolver. A maelstrom involving gamers, hackers, and internet safety and privacy issues has centered on the online database. Take a deep breath, continue reading, friend, and don’t be afraid; in this world, information about xresolver.com is power.

Before getting into the specifics of what xResolver performs, it would be beneficial to understand its purpose briefly. This is where our xResolver com narrative begins. Specific subsets of video gaming culture have always had a bit of elitist/toxic energy.

The primary purpose for which video games were created was for enjoyment. However, some gamers overreacted as internet gaming evolved and advanced to the point where competition between players was feasible.

On xResolver Xbox, nobody enjoys losing, but how we handle that feeling is crucial. Retaliation, bullying, and antisocial behavior on the internet are at the core of what xResolver is employed for, which is why it exists.

What Is xResolver?

The online service known as xResolver is described as keeping track of gamers’ Gamertags and IP addresses on Xbox, Playstation, and PC. The purpose of xResolver is to protect the username and Gamertag from online hackers. Gamertags and usernames are converted into IP addresses as xResolver’s primary function.

An Xbox resolver that uses bots to scrape data is included in xResolver to perform these tasks. The Xbox player’s username, ISP address, and IP address are all included in this data.

Why Is xResolver Used?


xResolver is a database/website that houses information on gamers’ IP addresses and their connections to Gamertags and online profiles that is available to the general public. It should be noted that this exact instruction on how to block your IP on Xbox is openly accessible, making its publication on a public website technically acceptable.

The issue with xResolver 1.0 is that the kind of person who wants to know which IP address corresponds to your specific profile (on PS4, Xbox, or PC) probably doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Who would care about your IP address or xResolver blocklist link if not your friends? The hacker.

Access to private data that links your online identity to your internet connection is made possible by xResolver. The user may target you in several ways, including DDOS (distributed denial-of-service) attacks.

So let’s imagine that you severely defeated a player in a League of Legends match. This player becomes enraged and desires retribution. They may visit xResolver.com, enter their Gamertag or PSN ID, retrieve your IP address, and then deliberately slow down your internet connection.

And that, to put it simply, stinks like fuck.

What It Is Incapable of (But OctoSniff Does)

But xResolver doesn’t acquire any of this information. Instead of a tool for gathering information, consider PS4 xResolver a library of knowledge.

Hackers, especially applications like OctoSniff that enable hackers to scrape IP data from unknowing targets, are the guilty party at the heart of this problem.

During a gaming session, OctoSniff collects data and decrypts it into information that is simple to understand. This information can reveal which IP address corresponds to a specific Gamertag or ID.

This information could now be published onto xResolver, which could be used for whatever interested parties saw fit on xResolver for PS4. And as we already established, it is unlikely to be for a philanthropic cause.

What Should You Do If You Appear On xResolver?

Anyone can enter a Gamertag or PSN ID on the xResolver website to see if the site already has information about that account’s IP address. According to the webpage, about 25 million accounts have been “resolved.”

Being listed in the xResolver database is undesirable, but it’s not the world’s end. Simply being on there does not indicate that someone is actively attempting to damage you. It merely shows that you played an online game with a jerk who scraped your data before publishing it.

If you pay for a premium service, the xResolver website and others like it promise to “blacklist” your information. While one particular website might remove this data from its database, it won’t guarantee that its rivals do the same.

They are attempting to con you out of your hard-earned money. Since they cannot protect you, there is no need to haggle with them.

The best action is to secure your IP address by changing it.

How Can You Safeguard Yourself By Changing Your IP Address?

Changing your IP address may be as easy as turning your router on and off, depending on your gear and settings. It’s more challenging to switch your IP address because you want to modify your public IP address (not your local one).

As previously stated, the most straightforward fix for xresolver.com for PS4 could be to unplug your router for a while and see if the issue goes away. On the free website below, you may check your IP address. If your data is scraped again, this method should assign you a new IP address, but it won’t stop a different hacker from posting your updated information to xResolver.

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Purchasing a VPN would be a better long-lasting solution. VPN services not only make it simple to change your IP address but also assist in protecting it from scammers and hackers. The cost of VPN services is reasonable and has certain added advantages.

We sincerely hope this little guide has helped you feel less stressed about xResolver. They certainly aren’t a good group, but we shouldn’t allow that to stop us from having fun. Everyone can play games, and that, quite simply, puts an end to the conversation.

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