Twitter Newest Employee Is A 2-Year-Old Boy!
Twitter Newest Employee Is A 2-Year-Old Boy!

Twitter Newest Employee Is A 2-Year-Old Boy!

Twitter Newest Employee Is a 2-Year-Old Boy!

Elon Musk brightened the mood by releasing images of his 2-year-old son X A-XII, the newest employee of the micro-blogging service, on Twitter. Twitter is at the center of numerous severe issues, ranging from layoffs to lawsuits. Musk posted images of X taken at the business’ San Francisco location.

Elon Musk also posted a photograph of X with a Twitter ID that included his photo. Elon Musk’s son X was born in 2020 to Canadian singer Grimes, who is Elon Musk’s partner.

After his birth, the name X of Elon Musk’s baby generated a lot of media attention. His mother, Grimes, explained his full name, X A-XII. The name is drawn from various sources, including the fantasy genre, artificial intelligence, and the name of a fighter jet with no actual weaponry, the A-12.

Family of Elon Musk In Twitter

After Elon Musk took control of the social media site, X wasn’t the first member of the billionaire’s family to walk into the Twitter office. According to reports, Musk has employed two of his father’s family’s relatives to work for the company. James Musk is “a fixer type” who works at Twitter to assist Elon Musk with various jobs, whereas Andrew Musk focuses on software engineering projects.

After Musk decreased the company’s employment by up to 70%, new hires were made. Within days following his takeover, Musk sacked the majority of his employees.

Elon Musk’s Cousins To Play Critical Roles In Twitter

Elon Musk notoriously fired nearly half of Twitter’s staff when he came to control. Despite receiving harsh criticism, he claimed in defense that he was forced to fire individuals to deal with the loss of revenue. Even though he just let off more than 4000 employees, he has since resumed hiring. James and Andrew Musk, two of his cousins, are the newest members of his team. According to sources, James is the company’s “fixer type,” and Andrew has joined the technical staff. They both now work full-time for the business.

Twitter Newest Employee Is A 2-Year-Old Boy!
Twitter Newest Employee Is A 2-Year-Old Boy! 

He has invited his family to Twitter and several Tesla and The Boring Company staff members.

It’s also rumored that Elon Musk may bring his brother along. A leaked conversation from before Musk bought Twitter showed that he had explored the possibility of starting a new social media platform built on a blockchain that accepts payments.

On April 9, Musk contacted his brother Kimbal, saying, “I have an idea for a blockchain social media system that does payments and short text messages/links like Twitter. “To register your message in the chain, you must pay a small fee, which will filter out the great majority of spam and bots. Freedom of expression is assured since there is no throat to choke.”

Musk appears to be transforming Twitter into the business he described with his brother. He intends to introduce blockchain and cryptocurrency to Twitter. He’s already starting to provide paid services.

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