Did SZA Gain Weight?
Did SZA Gain Weight?

Did SZA Gain Weight? Is She Expecting A Child In 2022?

Did SZA Gain Weight: SZA’s weight increase was made known to her followers while she performed as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live. Soon after some of her followers said she was seen with a baby bump, the pregnancy rumors began to circulate. Fans believed that this was the cause of her weight increase. Previously, a lot of people thought SZA gained weight as a result of getting a BBL. However, both appear untrue, given that the pregnancy claims came from unreliable sources and that BBL makes you bigger all over, not only on the butt.

American R&B singer SZA became well-known after the release of her debut studio album Ctrl in 2017, which received overwhelmingly positive reviews from music critics. She received four nominations, including one for Best New Artist, which peaked at number three on the US Billboard 200 chart. The RIAA awarded the album triple platinum status, while Rolling Stone listed it among the 500 greatest albums of all time.

She had three extended plays out before she shot to popularity, one of which was a retail release. After joining the hip-hop record label Top Dawg Entertainment, she released Z in 2014. She co-wrote Feeling Myself alongside Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé the same year. In 2016, she was also a part of Rihanna‘s song Consideration.

She has worked on other projects with others since then. She worked with Kendrick Lamar to write All the Stars for the Black Panther soundtrack, appeared on Maroon 5’s What Lovers Do, and was a member of Doja Cat’s Kiss Me More. Furthermore, she appeared in Summer Walker’s No Love. She was nominated for Best Original Song for All the Stars and Kissed Me More at the Golden Globe and Academy Awards, respectively, and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance at the Grammy Awards.

She most recently performed as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, which has led to rumors that she has gained weight. Even that she is pregnant is the subject of speculation. Others believe that weight gain is simply a side effect of BBL. Read on to learn the responses to inquiries like, “Did SZA gain weight? Is she expecting? Did she receive a BBL?

Did SZA Gain Weight? Is She Expecting A Child In 2022?

Did SZA Gain Weight?
Did SZA Gain Weight?

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So, following SZA’s recent appearance on SNL, there have been numerous rumors regarding her gaining weight, which is understandable given that she did appear a little larger than usual. But she hasn’t yet mentioned it in any way. Fans are, therefore, unaware of her growth strategy. Because there is so little information available, numerous rumors have been spread.

One of the gossips is that SZA is expecting a child. As of December 4, there have been numerous reports on unconfirmed pages from admirers who claimed to have recently seen her with a baby bump. Since then, there has been a lot of talk about her pregnancy, and many fans believe that is why she gained weight while appearing on Saturday Night Live. Some even questioned why she kept her pregnancy a secret, whereas Keke Palmer did.

Even with the reports that she is pregnant, it seems foolish to assume someone is pregnant based solely on a slight weight gain. Such pregnancy rumors are persistent and periodically circulate, and after a slight increase in her size, they were probably re-shared to appeal to her supporters.

Some fans are aware of this and have refrained from assuming SZA is pregnant. Instead, some attribute her weight increase to obtaining a BBL, which is also a foolish assumption given that she is larger throughout her entire body, not just her butt. BBL is more extensive in all those areas and doesn’t add to people’s stomachs, thighs, calves, necks, or faces. Thus, unlikely.

Fans are not required to know or invent an explanation for the singer’s weight gain. Some folks have praised her for her new figure and referred to her as “Thick SZA.”


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In addition, SZA has always been an enormous girl. She was 200 pounds before becoming famous worldwide, and she hid it in baggy clothing. She put a lot of effort into losing all that weight as she rose to fame. She adhered to a diet in which red meat, dairy, wheat, and sugar were prohibited. She also worked out and exercised a lot, which enabled her to lose weight.

SZA may be gradually regaining the weight she lost due to her inability to stick to the diet or her decision to cease exercising. This might account for the weight gain. Although bulked out, she doesn’t appear to be as huge as when she weighed 200 pounds.

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