Jake Hescock Dies
Jake Hescock Dies

Former UFC Footballer Jake Hescock Dies of Cardiac Arrest At The Age of 25!

Former UFC Footballer Jake Hescock Dies of Cardiac Arrest At The Age of 25!

According to his family, former UCF tight end Jake Hescock passed away on Sunday.

Jake Hescock, 25, of Boston, Massachusetts, experienced a cardiac attack on Tuesday. He was given CPR by a bystander, taken to a hospital, and put on life support.

The family claimed on social media that Jake Hescock’s heart arrest resulted in a significant brain injury.

Hescock’s cousin Lisa Walz Mlynarczyk posted a sad message on Facebook on Sunday, saying, “It is with a heavy heart that I have to say my cousin Jake has passed away.” “May he rest in peace and continue illuminating us with his brilliant soul.”

From 2017 to 21, Jake Hescock was a player at UCF. After beginning his college career in 2016 at Wisconsin, he spent his final two seasons with the Knights playing in every game.

In remembrance of Hescock’s life, present and former UCF athletes and program staff members exchanged messages.

Sam Jackson, a UCF offensive lineman who played for Hescock and wore No. 88, tweeted: “I’m going to miss you, big dude.”

Jake, I’m going to miss you,” wrote UCF center Matt Lee. “Fly over.”

Gus Malzahn, the head coach of UCF, added on Twitter: “We are devastated to learn of Jake Hescock dies. He was a remarkable man who perfectly personified what it means to be a UCF Knight. Jake Hescock was adored by everyone who knew him, and coaching him was a blessing. His absence will be felt deeply.

Jake Hescock, a resident of Pittsfield, Massachusetts, went to Salisbury School in Connecticut before enrolling in Wisconsin’s college. The 6-foot-7 tight end transferred to UCF after his first season.

Jake Hescock missed the 2017 campaign due to his transfer. However, he caught two passes for 13 yards and one touchdown the following year. With nine catches for 87 yards and two touchdowns in 2019, Hescock rose to the top tight end for the group.

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Before coming back for his sixth and final season of college football in 2018, Jake Hescock caught ten catches for 53 yards and three touchdowns in 2020.

Jake returned to Massachusetts after graduating from college and stopped playing football.

Former UCF quarterback Mikey Keene said on Twitter that Jake Hescock was “one of the most genuine men I’ve ever been around.” He was both an amazing person and a fantastic friend. He improved everyone in his immediate vicinity. Peace be with you, brother.

Linebacker for UCF Quade Mosier continued, “Always the craziest dude in the room! He has been my big brother ever since I arrived at UCF. I’ll miss going to the river with you, Jake.

Alec Holler, a UCF tight end, wrote, “Jake, I love you, brother.” “Getting to know you were a gift. You, 88, I’ll never forget.

UCF’s tight ends coach and special teams coordinator Brian Blackmon commented on social media, “So hard to lose a guy with so much life about him.” Everyone who knew Jake adored him because of his infectious spirit.

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