Georgia Holt Dies
Georgia Holt Dies

Singer Georgia Holt Dies At 96: Cher Tells Fans That Her ‘Mom Is Gone!

Singer Georgia Holt Dies At 96: Cher Tells Fans That Her ‘Mom Is Gone!

According to Cher, Georgia Holt, an actress and singer, passed away on Saturday at 96.

The vocalist of “Believe” tweeted the information. There has been no mention of the cause of death. However, Cher, real name Cherilyn Sarkisian, recently revealed that her mother had been hospitalized for pneumonia in September and had been ill “on and off” but was “doing better.”

Agents: When EW contacted Cher on Sunday for comment, she did not react immediately.

The 2013 documentary Dear Mom, Love Cher, which was made on Georgia Holt and followed the matriarch’s childhood in rural Arkansas and her six turbulent marriages while she supported Cher’s musical career, was produced by her daughter. It also highlighted Holt’s acting and singing career and included a duet between her and Cher.

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A Life of Her Own, Watch the Birdie, Grounds for Marriage, Father’s Little Dividend, and Lovely to Look At were among the movies in which Georgia Holt debuted in the 1950s; these roles were played without being given any credit. She later ventured into television and had appearances on The Lucy Show, and I Love Lucy, Jane Wyman Presents the Fireside Theatre, and The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet. She has appeared as herself recently, including as a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race in 2014 with her grandson Chaz Bono.

Georgia Holt has only released one album, Honky Tonk Woman (2013), which was remastered for commercial distribution after Dear Mom, Love Cher release. The album was initially recorded in 1980 with Elvis Presley‘s musicians.

When describing the matriarch, Cher previously told EW that “my mom is precisely like Rocky.” She is persistent.

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