Gavin Graybill Accident
Gavin Graybill Accident

Gavin Graybill Accident-Obituary: How Did He Die?

Gavin Graybill Accident: Gavin Graybill of High Point, North Carolina, perished in a tragic automobile accident. This article will describe the news about the auto accident involving Gavin Graybill. Follow this article to the conclusion to obtain a wealth of facts regarding the Gavin Graybill Car Accident news.

Gavin Graybill Car Accident: How Did He Die?

Gavin Graybill, a High Point, North Carolina citizen, perished in a car accident. Albert Graybill and Elsie (Shenk) Graybill, who died simultaneously in Lancaster, were his parents. He bears the names of his departed parents. Both of his parents called Lancaster one last time from their longstanding abode. The man has the same last name as his father. There, the residence where he was born is situated.

Gavin Graybill Obituary

Gavin Graybill had been carried to the Emergency Room of the Lewistown Hospital when he passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Mervin D. and Janessa S. (Burkholder) Graybill of Evendale, Pennsylvania, welcomed their son on November 24, 2008, in East Pennsboro, Tp., Cumberland County. Mervin D. and Janessa S. (Burkholder) Graybill are his parents. His full name is Mervin D. and Janessa S. (Graybill) Graybill.

Gavin Graybill Accident
Gavin Graybill Accident

Gavin Graybill Wife

When he passed away, he had been married to Kathy (Degenhardt) Graybill for over 46 years. Moreover, he left two children. Kathy (Degenhart) Graybill, who adopted a new name after his passing, is his surviving spouse.

One of the groups to which he belonged was the Pennsylvania Artists Blacksmiths Guild, also known as the Pennsylvania Artists Blacksmiths Guild. Jean Schoenberg, Nicholas’s wife, and Willow Street resident Lexa Graybill are Gavin’s surviving offspring.

Gavin Graybill Family

Two of Gavin’s children were Joshua Graybill (married to Nicole), Bobby Graybill, Jen Schoenberger, and Lakeesha Graybill. Lakeesha Graybill and Jen Schoenberger are Gavin’s grandchildren. All of Gavin’s children have permanent residences in Lancaster.

His surviving relatives include his brother John Graybill, Wendy Graybill’s spouse, and his five grandchildren, Kaitlyn, Erik, Emma, Gavin, and Elsie. Wendy’s husband, John Graybill, was among the survivors. John and Wendy Graybill also tied the knot. Additionally, his five great-great-grandchildren are adults.

Gavin Graybill Funeral Service

The funeral services will take place at Lauver’s Mennonite Church in Evendale, with Pastors Glenn Lauver and John Gehman officiating separately. Following the conclusion of the funeral service, the deceased’s ashes will be interred in a neighboring church cemetery. The church will serve as the location for the arranged viewings. Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website,, for the most recent news.

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