Mini Vettical Accident
Mini Vettical Accident

Mini Vettical Accident: Malayali Doctor Dies In Accident At Houston

Mini Vettical Accident: HOUSTON — Family and friends described her as “angelic,” “selfless,” and “humble and gentle.” There are insufficient words to express what 52-year-old Mini Vertical meant to those around her.

Celestine, her spouse, remarked, “She was such a distinctive individual that she never expected anything from anyone, including her family.”

He described a woman who was, among other things, a passionate dancer, painter, and blogger who appeared to excel in everything she attempted.

“It’s like, anything she touches, she puts her heart into it,” Celestine said. Vettical was a Baylor professor who primarily worked at Harris Health clinics.

Wednesday, family members reported that Vettical was on her way home from work in southeast Houston when she was killed in a car accident. According to police, she was struck by a fast motorcycle.

Mini Vettical Accident
Mini Vettical Accident

In addition to providing medical assistance to marginalized communities in Houston, Mini was active in groups such as Pratham Houston and the Houston Area Women’s Center, according to her family and friends. In addition to being a class volunteer, she was also involved in the church and dance theater.

“I don’t know how Mini did it. She baked more cakes than any mother I know or any woman I know on the weekend,” her friend Marie Myers said. “She’s just absolutely amazing. And she’s touched the hearts and lives of so many,”

She had known Vettical for over 20 years.

The eldest of Mini’s five children, Pooja, noted that regardless of how busy Mini was, she always made time for her most essential job – being a mother.

“She’s beautiful on the outside, but surely the most beautiful person on the inside,” Pooja said. “I’ll always have her as my inspiration. And I know I will never live up to it, but I know that she will always be there as a role model.”

Family members stated that her legacy will endure because of the good she done.

““She is really out here, you know, among us,” Celestine said.


”Dr. Vettical was devoted to caring for the underprivileged and underserved in Harris County at multiple health centers. The Baylor Family Medicine community is in shock and disbelief. Her beloved personality will be tremendously missed by faculty and staff. She leaves a gap that is hard to fill among her colleagues and patients.

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