Are Rachel Lindsay And Husband, Bryan Abasolo, Still Together?

Rachel Lindsay And Husband: Still going! Bachelorette alums One of the long-lasting couples in Bachelor Nation is Rachel Lindsay and husband, Bryan Abasolo. Some admirers wonder if the couple is still together because they both have busy occupations. For an update, continue reading!

Do Bryan Abasolo And Rachel Lindsay Have Children?

The husband and wife don’t have children, although they frequently discuss wanting to establish a family in the future.
‘Um, you said you were going to start,’ many people say. We do. In 2020, Rachel spoke privately to Life & Style and said, “We want to. Although we have our timeline and know there is no ideal time, we still want to accomplish it.

The Bachelor Nation star has no patience for crude remarks regarding their family planning. In December 2022, Rachel responded to someone who had joked that they were “no longer a fan” on Instagram by miming playing the violin.
The remark Rachel shared stated, “Lying to Bryan about wanting children for five years is cruel and manipulative,” to which she answered, “Yes, Jan,”

Are Rachel Lindsay And Husband, Bryan Abasolo, Still Together?

During season 13 of The Bachelorette in 2017, where the chiropractor proposed during the finale, Rachel, 37, and Bryan, 42, got to know one another. Peter Krause, Eric Bigger, and Dean Unglert were the other contenders for the lawyer.

Rachel Lindsay acknowledged that she wished Bryan and her developing romance had been shown to viewers more frequently. The first kiss of the season and the first impression award went to him, but most of the drama centered on her erratic romance with 36-year-old runner-up Peter.

After her season finale, Rachel told The Hollywood Reporter, “When it comes to Bryan, you see that we’re incredibly passionate with each other, but you don’t see the depth our relationship has.” “No drama took place. We have fantastic chemistry and are incredibly compatible with one another. I wish there had been more of that for you to see. I hope you have been able to see Bryan Abasolo for who he was.

Are Rachel Lindsay And Husband, Bryan Abasolo Still Together?
Are Rachel Lindsay And Husband, Bryan Abasolo, Still Together?

During their joint interview, Bryan Abasolo concurred with the idea and stated that their lack of tension didn’t make for “interesting TV.” He said, “There were no arguments. “I think they chose to air it and cut out in-depth dialogues since there is a lot of drama on the show,” the viewer said.

When Did Bryan Abasolo And Rachel Lindsay Get Married?

In a stunning ceremony held in Mexico in 2019, Rachel and Bryan exchanged vows. They moved around a little before that to see what was most effective for them. Rachel moved from her hometown of Dallas, Texas, to Miami, Florida, in 2019 to be closer to Bryan, about two years after they became engaged.

“I was still developing. Rachel exclusively discussed her decision to go to Florida, where Bryan’s medical practice is headquartered, with Life & Style in 2019. “It was a bit difficult for me to say, “OK, I’m going to pick up and move,” but it just makes so much more sense,” Rachel said.

Bryan has a Miami-based business. I frequently travel. Except for family, there is no genuine reason to remain in Dallas. Since that time, Rachel and the Bachelor Nation team have relocated to Los Angeles so she can pursue a career in Hollywood. If you believe this is interesting, please discuss it with the other people you know. Visit for the most recent news and updates regarding famous people.

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