Nick Cannon Son
Nick Cannon Son

Nick Cannon Opens Up About Son’s Cancer Diagnosis And Nick Cannon Son Zen’s Last Days Together!

Nick Cannon Opens Up About Son’s Cancer Diagnosis And Nick Cannon Son Zen’s Last Days Together!

Nick Cannon is speaking up about the cancer diagnosis that resulted in the death of his son Zen in December 2021 at the age of five months.

In a brand-new episode of the Paramount+ series “The Checkup with Dr. David Agus,” which debuted on December 13, the 42-year-old father of 11 handled the problematic subject.

According to Cannon, who had Zen with model Alyssa Scott, Zen was born quickly. “He was in good shape, active, and always happy. He was a young child who never frowned.”

Zen had an “unusual” style of breathing one day, Cannon recalled, and he and Scott decided to take him to the doctor to rule out asthma.

Agus was informed by Nick Cannon that “we (also) observed his head was a little larger, (but) all my kids had huge heads.” I was a baby with a large head.

However, when Scott and Cannon brought baby Zen to the doctor, the medical staff noticed that his skull was more significant than it should have been at two months old.

“That was the initial indication that something was going on. They conducted numerous experiments. He was not permitted to leave the hospital, “In Cannon’s memory. “So, let’s say you believe you are bringing your youngster in for a checkup. You know, I was thinking of asthma. It was shocking to learn that he was diagnosed with brain cancer.”

Zen was identified as having high-grade glioma in August 2021, a malignant brain tumor that is uncommon and aggressive. According to Cannon, Zen’s brain fluid was drained from his body via a shunt.

“That made logical sense to me,” Cannon said. “He felt less discomfort, and the surgery went quickly. Everything revolved around living quality.”

Doctors advised the couple that Zen’s “best case scenario” was for him to live until he was 3 or 4 years old, despite rigorous treatment.

“When they started talking about chemotherapy, I asked, “Okay, would this prolong his life if we do this?” Is there any less pain now?” Cannon declared. “They responded, “Not really,” with that. Particularly given where his tumor was located. It was located in the cerebral center. They were unable to take it out. It has such depth.”

In addition, Cannon stated that he did not want his young son to go through chemotherapy because he was aware of its effects from having done the surgery to treat his lupus.

I knew what that did to me, and I knew that process was causing my hair to go out as a mature man, he said. “I wouldn’t even call it pain; all it did was drain you dry. I couldn’t even conceive what it would do to a newborn.”

Cannon and Scott decided to concentrate on Zen’s quality of life around Thanksgiving 2021.

“I wanted him to have the finest life he was capable of living. Why subject him to more procedures?” The pair resolved to “let God operate,” Cannon continued.

Cannon remarked, “We reached this place of wanting to enjoy him. “The remarkable thing was that he crawled and acted the happiest up until this weekend. Besides, he was much like other youngsters, except having a larger head.”

Cannon and Scott spent their last day with Zen on the beach, taking in the sunrise on December 5, 2021.


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Cannon remarked, “We had some lovely moments. “We were aware of the impending change. Even that final weekend, I had a vague sense that it might be the last one; it happened much more quickly than we had anticipated.”

He said, “Fortunately, we could see the sunrise, visit the beach, and watch the sunset. Our family truly came together in a lovely way as we prayed beautifully. Although I’m thankful for those instances, it was difficult to witness a child’s suffering and how quickly things fell apart.”

Nick Cannon admitted that despite losing baby Zen at such an early age, he “wouldn’t change anything.”

Nick Cannon remarked that he had a great life and existence during his time here.

Cannon and Scott announced that their second child would arrive in November 2022.

Scott captioned a black-and-white photo of Cannon caressing her growing belly, “How good is God.”

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