Anne Hathaway Weight Gain
Anne Hathaway Weight Gain

Anne Hathaway Weight Gain: She Was Gaining Weight For A Role!

Anne Hathaway Weight Gain: Losing weight to get ready for a movie is a common practice for many Hollywood actresses, Anne Hathaway included. This is an undesirable side effect of Hollywood’s traditional preference for slender body types rather than promoting body diversity. Instead, Anne Hathaway finally had the chance to put on some weight due to director Dee Rees for her upcoming part in the Netflix original movie The Last Thing He Wanted.

“At age 16, I received the message, “Congratulations, you have the part. I’m not suggesting you have to get thinner. Simply put, I’m saying I don’t put on weight. Which, of course, implies you need to lose weight,” Anne Hathaway said in an interview with Ashley C. Ford for Allure’s September 2019 cover story. The actress will play reporter Elena McMahon in the movie adaptation of Joan Didion‘s best-selling book. She quits her diligent coverage of the 1984 U.S. Presidential election to take care of her ailing father. Still, she ends up taking over his job as an arms broker for the American government in Central America.

After having that, Ane Crabtree, the costume designer for The Last Thing He Wanted, asked me 20 years later what my body does during my moon, which I later understood is my period, so that she can adjust for me. The Princess Diaries marked Anne Hathaway’s 36th acting appearance, she continued. It was simply this lovely thing. I’m hesitant to praise how Hollywood is evolving. Although there is a tonne of body diversity—which is fantastic!—the slight issue is still the concentrated notion of what is “normal.”

Although being urged to lose weight in the past may have been upsetting, the actress never gave up or left the field because of it. She thinks things will get better for women in the industry because she finds the entertainment sector to be “more nuanced” and “more engaging.”

“It made way for more compelling personalities and narratives. The crucial issue at hand is whether viewers find it enjoyable. It won’t go on if it’s not supported. It will return to its previous state, and everyone will acknowledge its failure.

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Anne Hathaway was content to put on a little weight for her leading role as Elena, but her current look has nothing to do with a recent film performance. In late July 2019, she announced on Instagram that she and her husband, Adam Shulman, were expecting their second child. She also showed off a burgeoning baby belly.

She jokingly said, “It’s not for a movie…#2.”

Later, she admitted to the Associated Press that trying to conceive her second child had been difficult and that she felt strongly that it was vital to talk about infertility. When it came time to announce that I was pregnant, Hathaway recalled, “I was only concerned that someone was going to feel even more isolated because of it.” And all I wanted was for them to know I was a sister to them.

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