Jennifer Coolidge Weight Gain
Jennifer Coolidge Weight Gain

Jennifer Coolidge Weight Gain During COVID Around 30-40 Pounds!

Jennifer Coolidge Weight Gain During COVID Around 30-40 Pounds!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Jennifer Coolidge acknowledged she was “eating myself to death” and had gained “between 30 and 40 pounds.”

The “Legally Blonde” legend has spoken out about her “excessive” comfort eating during the world health crisis and how she didn’t want to film after indulging in too many Vegan pizzas.

“I didn’t want to be that obese on camera because of my excessive eating at COVID,” she claimed.

“I was starving myself to death because I genuinely believed that we were all going to perish. Vegan pizzas, up to five or six each day.

The 60-year-old actress acknowledged that she even thought about turning down her role in “White Lotus” because she didn’t want to appear bulky on screen.

Fortunately, a trustworthy friend helped her come to her senses.

I’m currently obese, she said. Jennifer Coolidge, this is all you have, she said. What the hell?” These opportunities don’t come around, you idiot, she said.

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“We all require these companions.

“I don’t know why, but many actors make terrible mistakes. We want a fantastic moment to happen, but when it does, we somehow talk ourselves out of it. I believe it’s typical of an actor to screw it up for themselves. But I had a terrific buddy that stopped me from doing that.”

Jennifer Coolidge, who portrays Tanya McQuoid in the miniseries, acknowledged that she had always felt “pudgy,” that none of her co-stars had shown any concern over her extra weight from the quarantine, and that she would have missed being a part of the project.

She continued, “What’s another 40 pounds? I was always a little fat.

All of it is in our heads. Just thankful I had a trustworthy friend to talk me down off the cliff, so I didn’t blow a great gig. I would have leaped off a bridge if I had seen “White Lotus” and realized I could have done it.

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