Paddy Pimblett Weight Gain
Paddy Pimblett Weight Gain

Paddy Pimblett Weight Gain In As Heavyweight 6 Weeks After Making Lightweight Limit!

Paddy Pimblett Weight Gain: If Paddy Pimblett stepped on the scales for a fight today, his weight would qualify him as a heavyweight in the UFC.

The lightweight division in which the Liverpool fighter competes allows him to weigh a maximum of 156 pounds, but if he were to face a title challenger, his weight would be reduced to 155 pounds. However, Pimblett has a reputation for skipping workouts and dieting after fights, which causes him to gain weight once he leaves camp.

Additionally, Paddy Pimblett was invited to weigh in live on air on a recent episode of TV prankster Steve-podcast O’s Wild Ride, tipping the scales at 206.6 lbs. Since a UFC light-heavyweight is permitted to weigh 206 pounds in a non-title match, Pimblett was moving around as a heavyweight during his visit to the United States.

Pimblett pretty quickly made weight at 156 pounds on July 22, the day before his last fight with Jordan Leavitt, before rehydrating to likely gain roughly 10-15 pounds for fight night. To be fair to the boxer, he tipped the scales for Steve-O while dressed, including a bulky pair of shorts, so his actual weight is probably much lower.

However, as the product of Liverpool advances in his career, supporters and other fighters have valid concerns about how he will maintain his agility with such weight swings. Both former bantamweight champion TJ Dillashaw and featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski have criticized him and claimed that if he persists, he won’t be able to compete on a global scale.

Paddy Pimblett Weight Gain
Paddy Pimblett Weight Gain

Paddy Pimblett even acknowledged on Steve-show O’s that his extensive dieting and bingeing throughout his MMA career contributed to the development of an eating disorder. He formerly competed at 135 pounds in his early career and finally won the featherweight title on Cage Warriors before reaching his ideal weight of 155 pounds.

After weighing in at 206.6 pounds during a live weigh-in on the show and over 50 pounds over his fighting weight, Steve-O said on his Wild Ride podcast, “I’ve had party days.” “Back then, I was horrible. I dabbled with gambling a little, and I was terrible at it. I believe it has now turned to food. I firmly believe that I am a food addict.

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“I believe my involvement in MMA contributed to my eating condition. Due to my weight loss efforts and dieting, I may have an eating disorder. People are visibly amazed at how much I can eat when they go out to eat with me.

After the weigh-in, Paddy Pimblett admitted to Steve-O that his weight might have reached 210 lbs. if he had checked in the evening. He is awaiting confirmation of a fight for the year’s finale, which is anticipated to air on UFC 282 on December 10 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

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