Is Steve Banerjee Still Alive?
Is Steve Banerjee Still Alive?

Is Steve Banerjee Still Alive? How Did He Die?

Is Steve Banerjee Still Alive: After entering a guilty plea to charges related to the murder of former Chippendales choreographer Nick de Noia, Somen “Steve” Banerjee passed away in custody. He had also been accused of organizing the murder of Read Scot, a former dancer, and others. Banerjee committed suicide before receiving a prison sentence, according to the authorities at the time. He was 47.

Several former dancers left the group to start Adonis, a rival all-male exotic dance crew. The tension between de Noia and Banerjee reached a peak, according to Chippendales Associate Producer Candace Mayeron, who spoke to Elle Magazine. De Noia had previously held the touring rights to Chippendales. It took years for detectives to compile sufficient evidence to bring charges against Banerjee.

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Is Steve Banerjee Still Alive? How Did He Die?

Around the Metropolitan Detention Center, a federal jail in Los Angeles, Steve Banerjee was discovered dead in his cell at 4 a.m. The Los Angeles Times reported at the time of his death that it occurred on October 24, 1994, only hours before he would be sentenced. For the Times, Reonard McFadden, executive to the correctional center’s warden, described the suicide method, which entailed hanging, he claimed.

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Steve Banerjee was diagnosed with depression, according to The Times. About 13 months had passed since his arrest, and he was now in jail. A staff psychologist had spoken with Steve Banerjee, just like they had with every other prisoner. McFadden told the Los Angeles Times that there was no sign that the man was suicidal.

The article stated that Steve Banerjee reportedly threatened to “leave the country or kill himself” if he was caught, according to a federal prosecutor who testified at the court.

Who Was Steve Banerjee?

On October 8, 1946, Somen Banerjee was born in Bombay, India. After running a Mobil gas station and an unsuccessful backgammon club, Banerjee purchased the Destiny II nightclub in Los Angeles and transformed it into a venue for female mud wrestling and a “Female Exotic Dancing Night.” The first of its sort in the United States was the addition in 1979 of a male stripper dance company performing for female audiences. Banerjee collaborated with the ultimate murderer of Playboy Playmate Dorothy Stratten, Paul Snider, but soon after created a more dramatic presentation with producer Nick De Noia, who has won an Emmy.

Steve Banerjee was accused of conspiring with Ray Colon, a former Palm Springs police officer and lounge performer, to kill show producer De Noia in 1987 and to kill Michael Fullington, a former Chippendales dancer and choreographer, and two other former Chippendales dancers in 1990 and 1991 because Banerjee believed they were a threat to the Chippendales brand. Ultimately, he admitted to racketeering, murder for hire, and attempted arson.

Is Steve Banerjee Still Alive?
Is Steve Banerjee Still Alive?

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He accepted a plea deal that spared him 26 years in prison and the loss of his Chippendales portion. Hours before being sentenced on October 23, 1994, Banerjee hanged himself in his cell and was discovered dead in the early morning. Even though Banerjee was depressed, it was not believed that he would commit himself, according to reports. Irene, an accountant, and Banerjee had been married sometime in the 1980s. Son Christian and daughter Lindsay were their two children.

Irene didn’t seem to break up with Steve Banerjee even after he was detained on federal allegations of attempted arson, racketeering, and murder for hire targeting rival businesses and former workers. In a rush, Irene had put together a group of character witnesses for him. She hoped the court would be persuaded to lessen Steve’s 26-year sentence. Banerjee inherited the whole Chippendales business after Banerjee passed away, along with all the money, properties, and other assets related to it. On February 8, 2001, she died of breast cancer.

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