Kendra And Hank Divorce
Kendra And Hank Divorce

Here’s Why Did Kendra And Hank Divorce?

Kendra And Hank Divorce: Kendra Wilkinson became well-known in the middle of the 2000s at 19 after appearing as one of Hugh Hefner’s live-in girlfriends on E’s “The Girls Next Door,” which aired from 2005 to 2009. And appearing on the show would alter her life in ways she would not have anticipated.

According to E! Online, Kendra met Hank Baskett, who would later become her husband and the father of her children, at a 2008 Playboy golf tournament. Hank Baskett was a wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles at the time. Nine years after they first met, Kendra wrote a heartfelt remark for a now-deleted Instagram picture. She noted that we met that day while playing golf, and I immediately knew he was mine.

Kendra moved out of the Playboy Mansion to pursue her relationship with Hank just one year later, the same year the program ended. The two married in June 2009 at the Playboy Mansion, a place Kendra was familiar with (via E! Online).

Nearly ten years after they first met, the couple divorced in 2018 after openly discussing their significant personal issues. What was the proverbial straw that finally broke the camel’s back? Everything we know about Kendra And Hank Divorce is detailed below.

Who Is Kendra Wilkinson?

American television personality and model Kendra Leigh Wilkinson, formerly known as Baskett, was born on June 12, 1985. She is well-known for being one of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends and for her part in The Girls Next Door reality series on E!, which featured footage of her life in the Playboy Mansion. Wilkinson was raised in San Diego, California, and had ancestors from England, Ireland, and Ukraine.

Colin is her sister’s younger brother. Her mother, Patti, was a former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader originally from Cherry Hill, New Jersey. Before relocating to San Diego at age 15, her father, Eric, was raised in Ocean City, New Jersey, and Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania. After earning a biochemistry degree from the University of California, San Diego, he founded several biotechnology firms before retiring at 48. On November 5, 1983, Patti and Eric got married.

Kendra was eight years old when her parents were divorced on March 25, 1994. In December 2004, Gloria Wilkinson, her grandma, passed away. Kendra Wilkinson spent six years playing softball with the Clairemont Bobby Sox while growing up in San Diego’s Clairemont area. After graduating from high school, she started working as a glamour model and had a brief stint as an office assistant in a dentist’s office.

Who Is Hank Baskett?

A former wide receiver with the National Football League’s Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles, and Indianapolis Colts, Henry Randall Baskett III was born on September 4, 1982.

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Clovis, New Mexico, is the place of Henry Baskett’s birth. Henry Baskett was born in Clovis, California, to Judy Baskett, a Cannon Air Force Base finance officer, and Henry Randall “Hank” Baskett, Jr., a former Air Force employee who later became the director of a social service program. His high school of choice was Clovis.

Playboy model Kendra Wilkinson and Henry Baskett wed in 2009. In Kendra, a reality TV show that followed Wilkinson’s life from 2009 to 2011, Wilkinson and Baskett shared a starring role. In the years that followed, from 2012 until 2017, they co-starred in WEtv’s Kendra on Top.

Why Did Kendra And Hank Divorce?

According to Life & Style, Kendra Wilkinson made a vulnerable social media post just before she and her husband, Hank Baskett, filed for divorce in April 2018 after nine years of ups and downs.

She informed her Instagram followers in a since-deleted post, “Despite my best efforts, it wasn’t sufficient. My heart will always be open to him because I will always adore him. I had always believed him. I genuinely did. Guess it wasn’t meant to be after all. I’m terrified, yet I need to be brave for my children. I will.”

Kendra And Hank Divorce
Kendra And Hank Divorce

In 2021, Kendra Wilkinson spoke about co-parenting with Hank years after their divorce was finalized, claiming that “time helps everyone” (via Us Weekly).

Kendra has undergone a remarkable metamorphosis. She has shifted her professional focus to real estate. She is the star of her own Discovery Plus series, “Kendra Sells Hollywood,” which follows her as she balances parenthood and work. Kendra discussed her journey exclusively with The List.

Hank, who retired from the NFL in 2011, currently collaborates with the gaming company HBCustoms on video games (via The Sun). And based on his Instagram, he is still a dedicated father.

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