Did John Cena Die
Did John Cena Die

WWE Death Hoax Did John Cena Die Trending?

Did John Cena Die: John Cena is still alive and well in 2022 despite the baseless rumors sending his devoted following into a frenzy.

Why Is John Cena Trending?

Twitter searches reveal that there have been rumors of Cena’s “death” since the beginning of the 2010s. Though it appears that the old hoax claims from 2016 claiming that Cena had passed away in a car accident were the source of the false rumors in 2022.

In reality, the WWE star is healthy and alive. “Shock and surprise, John Cena is not dead and is well,” one user tweeted.

“Hollywood has no idea how… anything works.”

In reality, Cena was the subject of erroneous reports in 2021. According to Facebook posts from Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Myanmar, he passed away from Covid-19.

Did John Cena Die
Did John Cena Die

And pictures that purported to be of his funeral were circulated. The AFP fact check, which also discovered the photos were altered, refuted the bogus reports. Cena is the latest celebrity to be victimized by false death allegations.

Oprah Winfrey’s death was rumored to have occurred in August 2022, while Michael J. Fox and Santan Dave both fell victim to the trend of death hoaxes in July. Jaden Smith and Snoop Dogg have also fallen prey to the claims.

Where Did The Rumours Come From?

The origins of the Cena celebrity death hoax may be linked to false reports that surfaced online in July 2016 and were even covered by an online entertainment news publication.

They claimed that the wrestler had perished in a car crash while operating a friend’s vehicle, although Cena has, as we all know, survived ever since.

Has John Cena Addressed The Rumours?

In 2022, the resurrected speculations gained momentum, although Cena hasn’t addressed them in the media. Two movies, Coyote v. Acme and Argyle, are scheduled for release in 2023. The actor has been quite busy. He also appeared in WWE Monday Night RAW and WWF Smackdown, where he played Christopher Smith.

He frequently tweets, describing the platform as a “forum of views and viewpoints aimed to stimulate dialogues and actions leading to improvement, with some self-promotion thrown in.” He posts humorous images to Instagram that are “uploaded without explanation, for your interpretation.” Do you want to learn more about celebrities? Visit our website, Newswatchlist.com, for the most recent news.

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